Alstair, Elven Enchanter of House Erewan

Handsome elf, tall and regal in appearance, with blond hair and blue eyes


STR: 10
INT: 17
WIS: 10
DEX: 15
CON: 12
CHR: 16

AC: 12
HP 8

Weapons: Longsword, Longbow, Dagger
Saves: Fort: 1, Reflex: 2, Will: 2

Alstair was born to untitled noble parents in Glantri, in a wooded region near the town of Ellerovyn. His parents, both merchants, were graduates of the school of magic and had used their talents to develop a flourishing business in the magical treatments of wood. It was expected in time that Alstair would take over the family business as his parents’ only son. As a youth, Alstair demonstrated a proclivity for weapons, particularly the longsword, and frequently bested his peers in melee and with the bow. His parents largely disapproved of his physical activities, but wrote them off as childish antics. More troubling, Alstair enjoyed manipulating others to gain influence over them. Whatever means he could exert to do so, he would. He began to take an interest in magics that altered the mind and affected others’ state of being. When it came time for Alstair to enter the Great School, his parents reminded him of his responsibility to the family. They would pay for his tutelage there, but he should grow up and forsake silly distractions to focus on the types of magics that would secure the family business for the future. On the surface, Alstair agreed, but he had no intent of treating wood. He felt his path lay in nobility, where his talents would help him navigate the intrigue of politics. He set out to learn the arts of enchantment, which would allow him to hone his focus. As a student, he demonstrated a strong aptitude for this school of magic, and devoured his studies. Unfortunately, one of his instructors was also a friend of the family, and was reporting back to Alstair’s father and mother. Enraged, they confronted him in the city, and an argument led to them withdrawing their support for him for school. If he was going to pursue this foolishness, they declared, he would do so on his own ducat. Unfortunately, as a child of means, he had given precious little consideration to the future, and his funds quickly evaporated. Now, Alstair has realized that he must work to secure his future. to do so, he feels it best to align himself with someone who has power and wealth, but no strong ties to his family or clan.

Alstair appears as a blond haired, blue-eyed elf of handsome appearance. Although he can be charming and interesting, he usually only does so when it suits his needs. He has few true friends, but will invest effort into a relationship if he feels it will pay off. For the weak of mind or will, he usually manipulates to get what he wants.

Alstair, Elven Enchanter of House Erewan

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