Battle Cleric of Balthac


David is tall for a Traldarian, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a strong smile, and is thought by many to be very handsome. He is dressed in a powerful suit of platemail, which bears symbols of an anvil pierced with a sword on its pauldrons. Over his armor he wears a white tabard bearing a black symbol of a sword decapitating a dragon He wields a greatsword of austere and practical design and is the symbol of his faith- no more medallions longing to be clung. Around his neck he wears a star ruby on a platinum chain.

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On a freezing night in the middle of winter inside of the house of a humble up and coming merchant, David came into the world. Only minutes afterward did his mother die. His father Craig Polzin, heartbroken, wanted to give the child a name fitting the sorrow of his arrival, but over and over he heard the name ‘David..’ repeating in his head. David’s father bore him no grudge, and the child was risen with love, especially by his step-mother, Chandra, whom Craig married when David was barely 1. As the child grew he showed a strong concern for the welfare of others. Often, David would give his toys to those without on the road, and would stand up to those who bullied the littler kids. Craig tried to teach the boy bookkeeping, but the skill never took root- he wasn’t really good when it came to complicated skills- but he could see a situation and create a solution at a moment’s notice. David did learn, however, that hard work brought about the blessings of plenty as he watched his father struggle to support the family for years until he finally became established.

Both of David’s parents were adamant believers in Halav, and that one day he would return. David grew up with this belief instilled in him. He marveled that the Duke looked so much like Halav, and was enthralled that he might live to see His glorious return. However, despite all of his conviction, he rarely bothered to learn much about the details of religion, and functioned quite happily as a lay member of the Church’s congregation. His religious routine was particularly easy since the arrival of Thalgin when he was 3, and the Church gain a degree of safety from the Order of the Griffen.

Craig could never find a talent that David bothered to really learn, but David was an excellent communicator and price negotiator, so Craig had faith that once he came of age David would be able to carry on the family merchant business. Unfortunately, during the summer of David’s 17th year, his father was attacked by bandits and was found on the road dying. It was too late to save his life. Suddenly the responsibility of taking care of his Step-mother and 4 younger siblings fell on his shoulders. For the next year he tried hard to maintain the business, and keep the ties his father had forged, but due to his lack of experience, David’s costumers lost faith and the business tanked. Fortunately, with the liquidation of their merchant assets, David acquired enough money for his step-mother and siblings to survive while a family subsistence farm was put together some 16 miles away from Luln. With a great deal of hard work, especially on the part of David (and his step-mother and half-brother both having a knowledge of how to till the earth), the first season proved a huge success, and the worries of homelessness and starvation no longer hung over the family. The family, of course, gave great thanks to Halav for watching over them. It was shortly after this great blessing that David heard the Call.

David walked along the borders of their property, enjoying the fall air at dusk. As he gazed at the setting sun, he heard it, not with his ears, but in his mind: “Your Calling from Halav – Present yourself to Prior Turavi and the other clerics of Halav, receive arms training from Salhadin, and (most importantly) set up a military order to protect my clerics, their congregations and the great work I have set before them. There are dark days ahead and they must be kept safe. Be my Champion and Captain and go forth upon the land to show your fellow Traldarans the truth of Halav.” David was startled, suddenly a conviction entered his heart that he had never felt before in his life. As though a rushing wind of enlightenment blew through him, he suddenly became aware of who he was, and the mission he was born to accomplish. He fell to his knees, and looking up at the nearly set sun, swore an oath to Halav, a lifelong commitment to serve Him with great zeal.

David wasted no time. He returned to his house, gathered enough things to travel into Luln with a little extra money, and bid his family a goodbye, with the only explanation that Halav had called him to a great work. He journeyed the 16 miles through the night (in his old mind this action would have been considered near suicide, but now he felt no fear, only his conviction to do) arriving in Luln early the next morning. He immediately went to the headquarters of the Church of Halav (he was known there by name) and announced that he had been called a Paladin to Halav. Naturally, the generally passive clergy of Halav were skeptical, but they gave him 2 tests to see if he was endowed with divine power. First, with their magic, they felt around him an aura of mighty good. Next, they placed in front of him 4 identical long swords. However, one was a weak, but evil, magical weapon that the Church kept to train new clerics. They instructed him to pick the one that was different from the others. After about 20 seconds, he reached down and picked up the evil weapon, grimacing somewhat at it as he did so. The clerics were stunned, it often took an acolyte years to gain the ability that he had just used to detect evil, and not only that the Clerics had to chant special words and use special gestures to bring about the effect. The Clerics could not deny that he had some innate power bestowed upon him. They questioned him as to what he would do next. He told them of the instructions that entered his mind after he’d been called (this time in just his own thought-voice, but clearly inspired by Halav): Present yourself to the clerics, receive arms training from the Great Salhadin, set up an order of Paladins to follow Halav, and go forth vanquishing evil and aiding the weak as guided by Halav. Promptly David bid them farewell, and left to begin his training at Salhadins academy.

It was only after a few months that David had mastered the basics of martial weapons and fighting tactics. Salhadin himself asked if David wanted to stay on and train as one of his special soldiers, but David declined, declaring that his success was only due to the blessing of Halav. During these months the Clerics of Halav tried to further gauge David’s intentions. They came to see him as almost dangerous in his fanaticism, and tried to reel him in under their control, but David would not give in- his orders had nothing to do with being subject to the Clerics direct wishes, though he still paid tithe to them and recognized them as the central governing body of the Church. At last, in the month of Klarmont, David was ready to fight for Halav, and began waiting for a sign to go forth.

Clerics – Prior Turavi who now leads the Church in Luln has been supportive of your call and desire to set up a military order. though many of the lesser clerics think it foolhardy, a waste of resources and a much too aggressive approach. You can keep your write up approach to the clerics in general but you are very loyal to Prior Turavi and would follow his commands or directives. Also I do not think that you would be too belligerent but you might be to militant and aggressive in your approach. Keep in mind that many of the clerics think you are a big joke or Turavi’s little pet project. They do not take you seriously at this time.

Let it be known that this is how David began, but no longer is he a Paladin of Halav, but a Cleric of Balthac. You can read about the change in David, Battle Cleric of Balthac


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