Elias Osteric, the Wolfsbane


Elias is a tall,dark-haired male human, reasonably tall standing at a little over six feet tall. He has mixed Traldar and Thyatian features. At 19 years old, he’s still young, but is quickly becoming a seasoned adventurer. He’s a very strong and capable fighter, and is largely found to be likeable, albeit somewhat arrogant. Elias is of alightly above-average intelligence, but lacks the wisdom and experience to consistently make good decisions. When seen in the Realm, he wears fullplate and a shield. The shield bears Elias’ coat of arms, which is a field of royal blue, on which a large black wolf’s head is painted. Through the head are painted two swords. He also wears a cloak of wolf pelts which was made for him by a woman in a small viallge called Hommlet. The pelts are from large wolves that were terrorizing the twon, until they met their end at the end of Elias’ blade.

Level 6 Human Fighter

STR 18
INT 13
DEX 15
CON 15
CHA 14

Saving Throws
Reflex 3
Fortitude 6
Will 0

AC 23
HP 66

Power Attack
Exotic Weapon – Bastard Sword
Combat Expertise


Elias “Wolfsbane” Osteric was born to a Traldaran mother and a Thyatian father, leaving him to bridge the gap between both ethniticites, which he found difficult as a young man. Elias’ father was a weaponsmith of reasonable quality, but tired of city life. His father and mother packed up their shop and children, and moved into the countryside between HighForge and Kelvin. If Elias thought his mixed heritage was tough in the big city, he would come to learn how difficult in might be in the primarily-Traldaran countryside. The net result was that Elias vever strayed too far from home. He apprenticed weaponmaking with his father, and developed an affinty for swords, particularly the bastard sword, which many shunned as too difficult to use properly. As Elias grew, he proved to be a handsome, strong young man. He began to grow more confident in himself, and won friends and followers either through his charming smile or powerful fists. What he did not exhibit, however, was particularly good judgement. His strength, courage and confidence would often lead him into questionable situations. His power and prowess in fighting would generally get him out, however, and he developed a reputation over time as a man who could solve problems. While fairly well-deserved, the reputation went to Elias’ head. Causing more issues were that, as he fought off various problems (beast, men or otherwise), people would somtimes give him gold, jewelry and other valubles as tokens of gratitude. The combination proved to be too strong, and so Elias decided to embark on a life of high adventure.


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