A slight-framed human with brown hair and eyes


Level: 2 (Rogue)
HP: 8

STR: 15
INT: 14
WIS: 11
DEX: 18
CON: 10
CHR: 12

Fort: 0
Reflex: 7
Will: 0

Magnus is short and lean, standing about 5’6, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is of Heldannic origin, and like many, is not fond of the Order and their “occupancy”. He is the son of a fairly prosperous and promient trading family on the coast of the Freeholds. He and his father, Bjorn, operate out of the city of Klagen, while his uncle works in Freiburg. As the son of traders, Magnus was schooled in the arts of business, and began his work under his father as a scribe. Magnus was never a fan of the Church of Vanya, the Knights and the Order, and their militaristic ways, or the caste system created by their presence. Being a businessman and not a warrior, Magnus was never sure how he could help resist the occupancy. His opportunity came from a childhood friend, Kristoff. Kristoff was a fellow trader, but had fallen in with a group of youth from a seedier part of town. These youth were mostly urchins and street trash, the sort of lot that the Knights love to backhand if they get in the way. This “trash” however, had learned skills of thievery, stealth and deception, and so Magnus found their life somewhat exciting. He, too, fell in with them and spent his free time mastering the arts of lockpicking, pickpocketing and otherwise relieving the rich of their valuables. In time, these youth became adults and formed a loose coalition of robbers and thugs. Magnus enjoyed a certain importance with this group, as by day he would negotiate and trade from those who had come for commerce. By night, he was “referring” likely candidates to the coalition, calling themselves the ’Schmutizge Diebe". As he did not actually need these ill-gotten gains to live, he frequently passed them on those less fortunate than himself. For those who received of his gains, they began to call him “Gefjunsohn”, as a tribute to the old Goddess of Charity. At all times, Magnus was very careful to not reveal himself, and became very adept in the arts of stealth. After some time, those few who knew him in both capacities began to say that he was far more adept as a thief than he ever was as a scribe. More recently, Magnus has begun to agree, and has become restless. He wants to strike out on his own and do some adventuring. He has placated his father, who has strongly objected to his leaving, by indicating that some time away will help him seek new sources of income for the family as well as a greater appreciation for commerce and opportunities. In setting out, Magnus does not yet have a plan, but he does want to extend his reach as “Gefjunsohn”, and make himself a thorn for the Order wherever they may be


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