Octavius Aurelius

A 6 foot 1 inch Thyatian Fighter/Soldier. Tan skin with brown hair and blue eyes.




Longsword:Attack Bonus;10 Damage;6
Warhammer:Attack Bonus;9 Damage;5
Throwing Axe:Attack Bonus;8 Damage;4
Spiked Gauntlet: Attack Bonus;8 Damage;4



Octavius Aurelius was the eighth son of Ajax and Camilla Aurelius. Ajax was a former soldier for the Thyatian Legions, therefore disciplined his children early. He now earns a living as a fisherman. Camilla was a loving, graceful woman always happy. Octavius was a adventurous and brave boy. Disappearing for days exploring caves. He also always wanted to do whats right, though settling problems with his fists then his words. He grew up being taught to fish, though longing for the day when he would be old enough to join the Legions and destroy Thyatia’s enemies. When he was old enough Octavius was assigned to the 6th battlion Fighting Lions in the Ninth Legion on the Island of Dawn, which served as the front lines for the neverending conflict between Thyatia and Alphatia. After 2 years of fighting Octavius was injured and reassigned to the County of Vyalia until he recovered. When Octavius was finished with his time in the Legion. He returned home. After several weeks, Octavius longed for adventuring and battle. So he set off into the world to defeat evil and earn a name for himself. After sometime he met his current companion, Gimble Folkor. Now he sails and fights with the crew of the Slither Wyr.

Octavius Aurelius

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