Traldarian born, Ylari raised and trained scimitar wielding fighter


Str- 16:3
Int- 12:1
Wis- 13:1
Dex- 10:0
Con- 14:2
Chr- 12:1

AC- 22

HP- 89

Weapons- Scimitar, Mstwrk- Hilt woven with silver with rubies inlaid at the ends of the hand guards
Throwing axe
+1 Bow with powerful laserbeam attack 1/day

Ref- 3
Fort- 10
Will- 6

BULLRUSH +15, no AoO

Salhadin is clad in a shining black suit of fine Black Dragon scales. Over his back is slung a standard heavy steel shield that bears the scars of battle. At his waist he wears a scimitar of expert craftsmenship. Its hilt is weaved with silver, and inlaid on either end of the hand guard are two, glittering rubies of deep red. He is well built, and of avarage Traldarian height. His eyes are brown, as is his hair, which he keeps rather short.

Despite the ornaite sword worn at his side, and the unusual culture from which Salhadin seems to harold, he is not a native of Ylaruam. He was born 6 years after Duke Stefan took control over Karameikos to a wealthy Traldarian family. The name given him was Artimus of the house Demiray. Many Thyatian nobles followed in the wake of Duke Stefan’s arrival, and they were favored above those natives who once ruled the land. Salhadin’s parents especially were hit hard by the change in government, and their fortunes were quickly waning. In a desperate attempt to give their son the opportunity to be brought up by a master worthy of their heritage, they sent him to Ylaruam to study under the prestigious sword master Al-Abir ibn Al-Muaal at the young age of 12. They knew of this masters prestige through close trade relations with a relative of his. Salhadin’s parents sent him with a large sum of wealth, in fact all that remained of their wealth, with which to pay the master. One can imagine the difficulties of a young child travelling with strangers to a distant land, but Salhadin remembers little of the journey. The child did eventually arrive in city of Ylaruam unscathed. Fortunately the master accepted the child. Never before had he been given one so young, and saw the opportunity to mold a true warrior. His training began immediately. He trained not only in warrior tasks, but also in Religion, and basic ethics, for his parents had given the Master no limitations. The Eternal Truth became as important to Salhadin as the most pious native follower, and it laid the foundation for what he would stand for later in his life. This led to the taking of the name he now has, Salhadin, meaning honor of the faith, due to his devotion as a lay member.

Salhadin was not alone while growing up. Despite his foreign origins, everyone grew to recognize him as one of the Ylari. Salhadin easily learned the language of Ylaruam. Over the years Salhadin’s master had grown very close to him, and because he had never married, he had no son. Salhadin’s master eventually adopted me boy, since nothing had been heard from his parents in years. Salhadin accepted, despite being aware of his origins. This was the final step into his assimilation into Ylari culture, for now he had a tribe to which he truely belonged. Finally, after years of study and practice, Salhadin began riding out with his Master on various missions and tasks. Never were they of great danger, since Al-Abir would not take Salhadin anyplace that could not easily be handled by Al-Abir should things get out of hand. Unfortunately, the master had grown old, and in Salhadin’s 20th year he died.

After his master’s death Salhadin worked with Caravan guards, but eventually his mind wondered about his real family, his real land. He wandered what the people there were like. He decided he would go, and see if there was not glory to be had in that land, for he had heard tales that it was an untamed and uncivilized wilderness. He boarded a ship and sailed for Karameikos. He only had undertaken three missions with the Church before his paths crossed with Thaljun, in whose company lied the destiny of Salhadin.

Personality: Salhadin is, most of all, not quick to judge. His teaching in Ylaruam educated him to always look for truth, and to never accept anything as perfectly true, only after much searching could the truth be found. His experiences as a foreigner growing up in a traditionally xenophobic culture further taught him to be slow to pass judgement. He believes in the Articles of Faith, particularly reverencing wisdom and scholarship. However, he does value money, and the acquisition of power and glory, but by only honorable and good means. He often is uninterested in ideological crusades outside of the Eternal Truth, but views most religions with reverence. Where his lawful good truely shines forth is in the defense of the weak and in the aid of the poor. He is as devout a follower as can be expected in a land whose church slays heretics without second thought, and often his displays of religion are in solitude. Despite his Traldarian origins, he cannot remember how to speak their language. Instead, Ylari is his first language, and Thyatian was taught to him as part of his training. He speak Thyatian with a slight Ylari accent.


Karameikos onsilius Salhadin