Thaljun Titus - Count of Glenargyll

Karameikan Scribe, Wizard, and Glantrian Noble

Thaljun s symbol

Thaljun – Is an 20 year old male human about 6’ tall and around 175lbs. He has short dark brown hair and blue eyes.

He is the current Count of Glenargyll, in the Principalities of Glantri.

His house insignia or crest is a golden hourglass set in a silver double night star on a glacial blue feild.

He is dressed in a dark grey hooded webcloth traveling robe overtop a dark grey webcloth explorers outfit. The hood, sleeves and bottom of his robe are embroidered with double night stars in silver thread. His brimmed hat is dark grey with arcane runes in silver thread around it base and a platinum band bearing his insignia in platinum and gold. He wears a black webcloth backpack and a few webcloth pouches on his belt along with a sheathed silver handled sword with a large purple corundum mounted in its pommel that pulses with a faint purple light.

Thaljun is intelligent, ambitious, and logical. He is also patient and calculating, he likes to think things through instead of acting rashly out of haste. He is not a coward but he does not seek to be a hero either. He is a survivalist, no cause is above his own survival. Thaljun does not shy away from using arcane spells in all their many forms if he finds benefit from its use.


Born of a Thyatian father and Traldaran mother, Thaljun grew up in the city of Specularum. He never knew his father, and his mother died when he was very little. He does not remember either, but certain cruel children used to taunt him saying his mom was a witch who charmed his father before she was burned at the stake. Thaljun was always an easy target for abuse because of the scar starting on the bridge of your nose and running down his cheek to his jaw. Thaljun was found as a toddler with the wound and taken in by the ducal court. There he served as kitchen scullion until he began to read and write almost on his own.

Since then he has served as a scribe, but his ability has always been far above the others, and he learned calligraphy as well as mastered both Thyatian, Traldaran, their writing, and all local dialects. Having access to so many books, he also picked up a vast knowledge of Karameikan and pre-Karameikan history, legends, cartography, and… darker secrets.

Believing himself smarter and better than his peers, he delved into dusty and forgotten tomes uncovering hints of secrets of the black art. Thaljun knew of its evil and life draining effects on the world, but he justified himself with his superiority. It was a way to rise above those who always put you down.

A few months ago, Thaljun received a strange, sealed letter written in perfect, flowing Traldaran script, but an ancient form centuries old. The author insinuated a good bit of personal information describing him and his interests in the ancient secrets and invited him to the city of Kelvin in the Barony of Kelvin to face a test of some sort. It sounded like an invitation to a secret society, and he was intrigued and excited at the possibility. Selling his personal belongings and books he’d collected, he was able to afford passage north to Kelvin and have just arrived with the clothes on his back, a few scribe’s items, and a pouch of what gold you had left. It’s time to find the mysterious sender of the letter and see what is to come.

Thaljun Titus - Count of Glenargyll

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