Order of Griffon (ENEMY)
Religious militant order from the church of Karameikos
They are identified by a badge with black background and white griffon which they always wear somewhere upon them.
They are able to detect magic.
Their patrols have grown more frequent around Kelvin.
This Order may be based in Kelvn.
The Order is patroned by powerful immortals that will aid them in finding arcane users.
The Order has declared a holy crusade. They are leading missions out on the moors, and have declared Kelvin as the gleaming holy city.
An army of Griffon Soldiers marched on Oulgritamak and destroyed it with the help of the immortals.

Iron Ring Society – Hostile humans who have a brand of a pair of manacles held together by a chain on their left forearms. (ENEMY)

The spy on the river boat was one of these.
One of the corpses found at the battle site east of Sukiskyn was one of these.
This society serves the Black Eagle Baron who is based in Fort Doom.
They are hiring goblins from the Dymrak woods to attack the settlements in the area.
They were searching for a map to the valley of the ancients. They may have found this map.
They are possibly taking prisoners to the north.
They are transporting humanoid creatures back to Fort Doom, these may be slaves or goblin, kobolds or various other creatures.
They wear masks and wear mostly leather armor, but a few wear chain armors.
Golthar – was one of their Masters (see notes under people)
This society has 3 levels or Ranking:
Hounds are the lowest level – These are the guys wearing leather etc. most only have the chain part of the brand.
Reavers are the next level – These have the full brand and mostly wear chainmail etc.
Master – These are the leaders of the Society, I was branded as a Master of this Society.
The Society honored and desired people knowledgeable in the arcane arts.
My old friend Hux might now be a willing member of the society.

Wizards from the School in Darokin
Guy and a girl my age with walking sticks that come up to their shoulders
Both wear long, very loose robes (kimono-esque) of black with great grey sleeves, cinched at waist with black sash belts, white tunics, and leather walking slippers. An embroidered white and grey sigil adorns the left breast of each robe.
They have various odd shaped pouches on their belts, and they have satchels
Also may have been accompanied by a Monk who wears long, maroon robes tied at belt with silver cord and similar leather slippers. The Monks are know as watchers and are assigned to watch the arcane users to insure they are not straying from the allowable paths.
This trio of unknown persons were attacked and capture/killed by the Griffon Order and the city guards of Kelvin.

Dark Wizards – This is an unknown order of defiler wizards that us a defiled type of magic known as defiler magic. (ENEMY)
Their defiler magic apears to draw on life energy thus consuming or destroying life from their surroundings leaving burnt ash.
They wear black tattered robes and chainmail shirts.
They have been armed with both staves and longswords
Their leader was powerful enough to control a undead purple worm.
I have killed two so far but there are at least two that remain, one being their leader.
They appear to inhabit a dilaphidated house that is in the middle of a mile wide cirlce of destruction.
This area is located east of the moors, there is no life in this area only ash.
The large house has freast mounds of earth around it, (burial mounds) This is where the undead are being created.
Their magic is a cheat for arcane magic. Through the use of a defiler primer a person can quickly learn defiler magic.
Defiler primers are books that teach how to learn and use defiler magic. I do not know where they originate from.
We have obtained two primers so far, one has been destroyed.
Defiler may not have the same restrictions of arcane magic. They all wear chainmail shirts which does not seem to affect their casting.

Cult of Halav – Religious group in Karameikos. (ALLY)
The Cult believes that Halav would be reborn to lead the Traldarian people once again. They are interested in any ancient artifacts that deal with Halav.
I gave them the chest of large ancient copper coins I found that had the face of Halav on one side and the holy city of Lavv on the other.
The face of Halav on the coin is very similar to Duke Stefan. I think the Cult now believes Duke Stefan to be Halav reborn.
There is at least one congregation of the Cult in Luln lead by Prior Turavi who we are now on friendly terms with.

The Dark Brotherhood- a.k.a Cult of the Dark Triad Evil faith of necromancers and savage creatures (ENEMY)
The Dark Traid is buying slaves for an unknown purpose
The symbol of the Cult is a black triangle against a red background.
The Cult has employed Lizardman and Orcs to do its bidding
The Cult is associated with Lord Finn, Mordez and Lerioth, both enemies of the party from the previous timeline.
The Cult uses necromancy.
The Cult obtained the Eye of Traldar temporarily, but the party retrieved it before they could use it.
The Cult sent Orcs to raid Stallinford and intended to use the town priest as a sacrifice, but the party saved the priest, slew their orc servents, and destroyed the Cults hidden temple NW of Stallinford.
The Cult sent Bernal as a representative to create an alliance with Lady Illyana. The Brotherhood broke its pack with her and imprisoned her, but the party destroyed the Brotherhood’s forces and slew Bernal.
Lord Finn is leading an expedition into Darokin for some unknown reason.
The Brotherhood has an interest in lost cities of the Huttaka.
The Brotherhood is an alliance of 3 organizations, the Black Skill of Demogorgon, the Red Hand, and the Serpent’s Eye. Each of these organizations is also associated with a powerful dragon.
Krogbrak told the party that the Shaidar Haran is the most powerful of the dark brotherhood, but could not give details on what it is.

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