An Introduction to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos

  Welcome to Karameikos, a campaign set in the Known World of Mystara. This is the world of Basic or Classic D&D. TSR published fourteen stunning Gazetteers for the Known World. Using large, fold-out maps, player sections, and DM sections, the Gazetteers extensively flesh out each country and region in this area of the globe. For DMs wanting a rich setting to write campaigns in, this is an unparalleled resource. Want to know about the Five Shires west of the Blight Swamp or the merchant republic Darokin north of the Black Peak Mountains? Need to know relations between the Emirates of Ylaruam and the Empire of Thyatis? Curious about what was going on in each section of the world up to 5,000 years ago? The Gazetteers cover just about all of that and much more.
  The campaign begins in Karameikos, a rugged forest nation in the southeast of the continent of Brun whose southeastern corner is populated by the countries of the Known World. Resuming their now twelve year old (rl) campaign in this magic-stripped world, can Thaljun and his ragtag band undo the damage caused long ago to the timeline? Or will their attempt end again in ignominious defeat? Read their tale written by their own hands in their Adventure Logs.

Update 3/27/2014:
The Arcanium celebration of AC 1002 was a grand success in Glantri City, but has the party learned of a dark future on the horizon?

Update 11/24/2013:
Now a powerful force in Glantri, the party has acquired a Countyship and many followers. However, a storm is brewing…

Update 8/19/2011:
After years of tribulation on their quest, the party managed to travel back in time thousands of years to prevent the destruction of a Blackmoor age artifact. In doing so, they have restored the normal timeline and returned to AC 1000. Magic is no longer outlawed and hunted. The campaign begins anew upon a playing field our adventurers have never tread.


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