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Camarau 19 1Alstair 2 1
David 19 2Helga 3 1
Elias 13 4Thoridin 3 1
Hakim 17 3Vaydric 2 1
Salhadin 12 1Glantri, Low 3 3
Sergei 3 2
Skarp 6 ?
Spark 9 1
Thaljun 183/-3
Glantri 2 10
Karameikos 8 8

Karma is a reward to players who contribute to this campaign site with Session Logs and content additions like maps of the party’s estates or write-ups on NPCs. Starting players can earn up to four Karma points for their background story. Karma points can be spent during play to bend the tides of fate your way or permanently enhance your character. Read on below.

  • Please note that although there is presently no limit on how much Karma you may accumulate, a character’s maximum available pool cannot exceed 10 for an adventure.
  • Please also note that an adventure can span multiple play sessions, and your Karma will not refresh until the DM declares a refresh point. This is usually at the end of a major objective (like returning the Eye of Traldar to the Seer).
  • Character Death: If a character dies, his remaining Karma is to be completely spent on his next character before play begins. Any not spent is lost.

Karma Pool UsesCost
Bonus to a roll before the roll*
-   +21
-   +42
-   +53
-   +65
*   After the roll the cost to add a bonus is double
Reroll your dmg inflicted1
Avoid a critical failure1
Avoid being hit (before dmg is rolled)1
-    Save at highest bonus to avoid critical wound or death blow
-    DC – 10 + HD of inflictor (or DM’s adjudication)
Win initiative1
Activate the Dead Man’s Trigger (last act before dying or going unconscious)1
-   Must have an action left in the round.
-   Can perform one action before succumbing.

Karma Burn UsesCost
Reroll hit points gained at time of leveling1
Score a critical success1
-    Cannot be on something for which you have no chance of success1
Avoid certain death (a maximum of once per adventure)1
Attain +1 bonus rank to any skill2
Raise an ability score one point (not above racial max)
-    Up to 91
-    10 to 112
-    12 to 133
-    14 to 174
-    185
Gain a bonus feat or a bonus Karma Feat8
Gain a level20

Group Karma Uses (50%+ Approval Required)Personal CostGroup Cost
Buy Henchmen (per level).5.5
Buy Favor~1~1
Easy Passage11
Epic Escape11 each


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