Ugnal – Dog headed beast creatures that use to inhabit these lands.
the creatures I have faced so far are definitely not the Ugnal.

Red Blades – Small humanoid creatures wearing crude armors all dyed in red or covered in red clay.
They have red eyes and black skin.
They were apart of the attack on Sukiskyn.
Red blades seem to be all destroyed or at least their caves are abandoned.

Viper Clan – Grey skinned, black haired goblins clothed in brown rags and furs with crude snake tattoos all over their bodies.

Wolf Skull – Larger goblins or hobgoblins with grayish brown skin.
They wear wolf skins and wolf helmets and are often riding on wolves.
Encountered their possible leader: Grayish brown skin humanoid creature twice as big as a goblin with big tusk fangs. He wore an iron helmet and chain shirt and carried a two-handed sword, also rode a white wolf breathing frost.
One of the goblins with him was named Largarg who I spared after he gave me directions to the Red Blades caves.

King Hilltopper – The king of the gnomes at High Forge. (Deceased)
Has a belt with all sorts of levers etc on it. Wears a five pointed silver crown with all the points pointing forward each with a different jewel.
King Hilltopper his retainers and most of his family were blown to bits by Master Bitdak leader of the Grey Goblins.

Vyz Ear – A gnome who is the king’s advisor.

Snubcork – Runs a snubcork (gun) shop.
Wears very thick glasses, and sell snubcork (guns) of all shapes and sizes.

ToubBark – Has a shop and lab that makes and sales gunpowder for snubcorks.
A gnome with very short wispy grey hair and not much of a beard, his beard is longer on one side.
He wears a thick leather apron, gloves and a hat with ear flaps.
Pearls are an important ingredient in his special gunpowder formula?
Shop has an iron door and a sing that looks like a yellow and red sun on it.

LurnPhlat – Has a book shop.
Bought a translation book here.

Flingstew – An inn keeper that runs an inn that caters to tall folk.
He was pleased with the business we brought him.
Gave me an Orpboyl Pot.
Told us we could come back anytime.

SeeyinScayp – Is a skilled gnomish painter.
He has a shop in High Forge.
He painted a portrait of King Hilltopper.
His paintings have the art of illusion in them.
I repaired his portrait of King Hilltopper.

Walxby Hind – Gnome wearing a dark red cloak.
He has a sharp little goatee
Tells me about there being an heir to King Hilltopper’s throne still in High Forge.
This heir wants to challenge Bitdak to a duel. However he fears defeat if Bitdak uses his pet ogre.
They want me to destroy the ogre after the challenge has been made but before the actual duel.
They are offering me some of the crown jewels to do this job.
I took the job and eliminated the ogre without being discovered.

Nettles Benderforge – Nephew of King Hilltopper.
Sought revenge for the death of King Hilltopper by challenging Master Bitdak to a duel.
He was able to defeat Bitdak in solo combat. (brained him with a pick)
Upon killing Bitdak he fled Iron Forge barely escaping the Grey Goblins with his life.

Grey Goblins – Live in the coal mine caves within High Forge “Oulgritamak” (ALLY)
They are short only about 3ft in height.
They wear tunics and metal boots, they have black eyes and large mouths with 3 rows of sharp triangle shaped teeth.
They work the mines providing coal for the gnomes and their machines.

Master Bitdak – Leader of the Grey Goblins in High Forge. (Deceased)
He wears a belt with pouches and vials, and a chain cap on his head.
He rides in a chair on the back of a huge ogre which he controls with levers and pouring potions into a funnel in the back of his head.
He is an intelligent goblin and knows that I am schooled in the arcane arts.
He killed King Hilltopper by blowing him up with some of the smoke powder.
He was challenged and killed by King Hilltoppers nephew Nettles Benderforge in a duel.
The goblins water wheel was broken and I was able to repair it.

Narnak – One of Bitdak’s Lieutenants.
Took over as leader of the Grey Goblins after Bitdak’s death
Has gained control over the gnomes after offering them a resource rich mining vein in exchange for their fealty.

Marmak – Grey Goblin Lieutenant
Lead a group of two other goblins and their ogres in search of new ogres to utilize.
Gave Salhadin a whistle to summon them.

High Forge Dwarves: (ALLY)
The dwarves are developing the stalactites into homes and buildings in the huge underground chamber.

Mehk Geyrlin – leader of the dwarves in high forge.
He also goes by the name “Jarlbane”
He and his fellow dwarves come from far to the north.
It is said this is where his name originates from.
Jarlbane is heavily bearded (with braids) and wears chainmail, no crown, and some jewels.
I was brought to his throne room and asked to enter the great cavern to destroy a creature that has plagued the dwarves, killing many of them.
This creature was the entity know now as Gliss.

Kabel – Dwarven architect.
Wants me to translate ToubBark’s formula for making the special powder into common.
With Mezroas’ help I have translated the formula into dwarven and given it to the dwarves.

Stronddam – Dwarven weaponsmith.
He was the dwarf that aided me in forging Vortesh.

Jackalfyr – Fire dogs found on the plane of Idgia.
They have no hear and their skin glows red.
They can withstand great amounts of heat.
They are typically encountered in packs.

Ciendor – A large flame salamander who rules an area of Idiga.
He rules the area where Montressore collected his tretchinum.
He has a humanoid like upper body attached to a flaming snake body.
He wore bracers and carried a large spear.
The Jackalfyr were his pets.
He resided in a large room with a throne in it. The throne was a rough seat with arms carved out of an obsidian vein in the wall.

Gliss – An ancient entity that dwells deep within a dark lake underneath Oulgritamak. (Destroyed)
This was the creature dwarves stumbled upon in a lake under Iron Forge.
The creature was killing off dwarves and I was sent to deal with it.
Gliss is a thing of massive proportions and is made up of many different creatures / parts.
Its main body was of a huge grouper fish with a single enormous fish eye, spiny back and a huge gaping maw.
It had two massive 20 ft thick legs.
On each side of its body where many giant grayish bubble sacks.
There are numerous 200 ft tentacles along each side of its body.
The part of the creature killing all the dwarves was only one of its tentacles.
Gliss is intelligent and capable of communicating with the mind.
Gliss demanded my eyes in return for a greater sight and peace with the dwarves.
My eyes were torn from me and now adorn one of this things tentacles.
Gliss had started spawning cocoon or pod like zombies that were roaming around Oulgritamak.
Gliss demanded my ears and nose for further payment to keep the peace with the dwarves.
I conspired with the dwarves to destroy Gliss and he was killed by dropping my stalactite home on him.
Gliss killed me as he died.

Callarii – The Elves of Radlebb Woods. (ALLY)
Robust young looking elves with pale hair (blond to white) and blue eyes, wearing silver and blue robes.
Some have this symbol on their tunics →
They travel by use of Griffins.
I stayed in the White Leaf Inn while I was among them.
The elves have three temples of the elements (Earth, Water, Air)
Temples were used by the keepers for elvish purposes no longer practiced.
These temples were also used by the keepers in the construction of Moonboats.
The crafting process uses of what is know as the essence (special tree sap), power crystals, and specialized golems.
Essence – Sap from the eternal tree, golden liquid in small vials.
Power crystals – Looked like large yellow diamonds
Moonboats – Magical boats made from trees that fly by the power of moonlight
Earth Temple – North of the forest and was the first temple I cleared and where I found the essence.
Air Temple – I was joined with Krim in investigating this temple.
It was located under the mountain called the point where the wyverns were nesting.
It was also surrounded by a black mold known as the Brackeg mold.
I found silver tools used in moonboat construction here.
Water Temple – I restored this temple to active status by repairing the glass pipes and main power statue.
This temple had all the materials for construction and I was able to save some of the worker golems.
There was also a fully built moonboat in this temple.
Have made a few moonboats and have used them to find a place in the mountains where they are now mining ores and metals.

Hutaaka – Jackal headed humanoids that use to inhabit this land.
They were very advanced in magic and tech. and they were peaceful.
They worshiped the mysterious god or immortal Pflarr.

Stro’ghe – Hobgoblin leader of a hobahn party
He and his hobahn were well armed, disciplined and maintained. He and his hobahn assisted us in raiding the lair of Aganziscorr. They had been invited to potentially be guards, but Elias was able to convince them to aid us in raiding the lair for its treasure. Though most of his 8 hobahn died Stro’ghe and 3 others survived the fight with Agan.

Mixelsmak – Magmin herald of Lord Alar
Creature of the plane of fire that we met in the platinum mine beneath Blofeld. He was the herald of Lord Alar, a young salamander noble. He was possibly destroyed by Thaljun’s freezing shards spell, but his body was returned to the realm of fire by his master.

Lord Alar – A young noble fire salamander from the plane of fire
Lord Alar had subjugated the orcs of Glimmering Fire and was using them to mine platinum for him. It appeared he was using this platinum to further his goals on the plane of fire. Lord Alar interviened in our battle with the Glimmering Fire Orcs and was destroyed by a combination of Thaljun’s cold spells/effects and Salhadin’s scimitar attacks. Salhadin did deliver the final blow that killed the salamander noble.

Tritamisg – A spell casting basilisk

  • His lair was in the underground levels of Karthic Surimi’s estate. He took over the PSCC after they unearthed his lair. He was destroyed by Elias and Thaljun.

Skrakbakk – Chieftain of the Splinterskull Tribe
Skrakbakk leads the Splinterskull tribe and serves Lady Illyana. His tribes alliance with Lady Illyana is motivated by a deal made between them for Haradreth Keep. He possess an amulet of Death Ward, making him immune to negative energy. He is being groomed to be Shaman of the Tribe

Krogbrak – Shaman of the Splinterskull Tribe
Krogbrak is a former chief of the tribe, and Shaman of the immortal Pflarr. He carries an ancient sword spear made of bronze. He tells us of Mordez, the Dark Brotherhood, and secrets of the Huttaka. His tribe served the ancient Huttaka, and continue to preserve much of their history. He broke the curse the Mordez placed upon both Sergei and David.


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