People of Karameikos

Old People Page

The Royal Family of Karameikos

Duke Stefan Karameikos III
Duchess Olivia Karameikos
Lady Adriana Karameikos
Lord Justin Karameikos
Lord Valen Karameikos
Lord Alexius Korrigan, Seneschal

The Ministers of Karameikos

Lord Zogrev Yarol, Minister of State
Admiral Lucius Hyraksos, Minister of War
Lord Bartran Cordelius, Minister of Trade
Lord Valdo Tisza, Minister of Finance

Other Government Officals of Karameikos

Captain Orem Klein Captain of the Specularum Guard
Captain Jointer Representative of the Admiral’s office
Alfonso Stephenos Judge
Urick Corrupt Port Authority

People of Karameikos

Lady Sylvanna Seeress of the Lake of Lost Dreams
Alexei Schelepin Servent of Lady Isabella
Lady Isabella Apprentice of Lady Sylvanna
Sir Reginald Sterling Von Shelling Dealer in antiqities and rarities
Lord Karen Penhaligon Nobleman of the House of Penhaligon
Patriarch Sherlane Church of Karameikos
Ilyana Penhaligon Queen of the North
Lindsay Archeros Apprentice mage

Enemies of the Party

Mordez Dark Cleric
Lerioth the Beautiful Dark Cleric
Lord Finn Dark Cleric
Lord Septimus Merulla Order of the Griffin Cleric
The Shaidar Haran Creature of the Dark Brotherhood

People of the Old World

Eyric Lonius: Kelvin, Enemy
Hux Turnseed: Black Eagle Barony, Enemy
Jon Traldar
Minrov: Kelvin, Helped
Phillip Montressore: Ally
Vorden Vorloi: Vorloi, Enemy

People of Karameikos

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