The Noble Houses of Glantri:

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Princes, Titled Nobles, and Ambassadors of Glantri:
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Untitled Nobles of Glantri:

Lord Pramous – Graduate of the Great School of Magic

  • He was Thaljun’s master at the Great School of Magic. Master Pramous is in his mid 30’s, fit and very focused. He is a graduate who is continuing his studies while also serving as a teacher at the school. Thaljun and Dante both studied under him.

Rayd Varion

  • A graduate from the GSM that competed with me for the vacant Viscounty of Blofeld. I defeated him in a wizards duel thus claiming the Viscounty. Unfortunately a series of events has lead to repeated conflict between us. For my part I hold no ill will towards Lord Varion, but I am sure that he despises me for a number of reasons. He currently is attempting to secure an act of enfiefment in the Sablestone area.

People of Glantri City:

Luigi – Gondolier and guide of the great city of magic Glantri City

  • He wore a robe and stylish pants and sported a nice handlebar mustache. He aided us when we first arrived in Glantri by guiding us around the city and helping us get licensed. He also facilitated the purchase and restoration of the Titus Estate. He has become a valued friend and ally. He is a member of the Fellowship of the Pouch and has recruited Relhor into the Fellowships ranks.

Angun Forester – Master of Admissions at the Great School of Magic

Vorg – Student at the Great School of Magic

  • He was a short man with oily brown hair and glasses, who wore a dirty dark maroon robe. He sought to buy the formulations for the spells I had created. I declined his offer.

Mukti – Member of the Fellowship of the Pouch and Friend of Luigi

  • Mutki is a man of huge stature with dark yellowish skin and handlebar mustachios. He asked us to investigate one of the Wizard Princes tower vaults for contraband. Which was really a basic B&E job for the Fellowship.

Max – A good friend of Luigi

  • A large guy with a pointed hat. Possibly a member of the Fellowship of the Pouch. Asked us to seek out his dead apprentice (Escabar) who was last seen in the Crypt of the Kahns. We were able to recover his apprentices body and all his gear for Max.

Alanzo Vortinie – Student at GSM

  • Alanzo is from the Principality of Caurenze. His father is a chief architect there. I saved him from buying a non-magical ring from the “Magic for Sale” shop in GC.

Wether Pimroc – Student at GSM

  • Darokinian from the north of Karameikos. His real name is Vasili but he does not use it in Glantri. Parents paid from him to study at the GSM. Arrived at the GSM about the time I graduated. His Master is the Red Titan. I caught him casting illegal magic as a prank during Arcanium 1002. I have sponsored him at the GSM.

Coogan McCullen – Fighter of Klantyre

  • A big red headed Klantyre clay-more wielding warrior encounter at the Golden Inn in GC.

Steff McCort – Student at GSM

  • Had the map to Entl’s estate.

People of Blofeld:

Bax Edin – Spokesman of Blofeld

  • Half-Caurenzian, Half-Karameikan (born Dmitry Edino), Age: 28, Shoulder brown hair and eyes, glasses magically dim in light.

Hamrick – Burgher of Blofeld Village

  • Current Burgher of Blofeld Village, Hamrick is an honest straight forward steward of his duties and responsibilities. He resides in Blofeld Village with his family. He executed Astera based on evidence that tied her to a robbery at the Burgher’s home.

Genti – Shepherd of Rad

  • A graduate from the Great School of Magic, Genti is the current Shepherd of Rad at the new Temple of Rad in Blofeld. He is a very capable wizard who rose quickly in the ranks of the shepherds.

Frenonus Darkstar – Wizard, GSM Graduate

  • Wizard living within the Viscounty of Blofeld. Graduate of the Great School of Magic.

Sacchris the Yellow – Wizard

  • Wizard living within the Viscounty of Blofeld

Other People of Note:

The Great Saffron Mystic – High Mystic of the mystic order in Lhamsa

  • He is the highest ranked mystic in the mystic order located in Lhamsa. He called upon us to seek out and the beast of Flaem and Ice and reseal it within the holy mountain.

Astell – Female rogue henchman for Rayd Varion (REVIVED)

  • First encountered at Rayd Varion’s estate. Came to Blofeld searching for a stolen arcane tome of Rayd’s, where she was framed for a robbery and executed by Town Burgher Hamricks.
  • Rayd restored her body with the Rod of Tem-Ra, resurrected her and married her.

Merthin – Cleric of Traldar

  • Encountered in Blofeld along with another cleric from Darokin and two dwarves, who were attempting to infiltrate Glantri. His group was confronted by the party and defeated. Merthin and his group were spared in exchange for assurances they would return to their homes and not attempt to enter Glantri again.

Jax – Relhor’s Mentor

  • Encountered in Specularum while seeking information about the false gold being circulated in Karameikos. He seemed to be quite the con man being very skilled in deception and subterfuge.

Davinos – Traldaran Merchant (DECEASED)

  • Encountered at the Golden Lion Inn at Bricktop in Specularum, he was a middle aged Traldaran merchant seeking restitution from the Duke for Traldaran merchants. He asked the Duke for a 5 year tax break allowing Traldaran merchants to regain wealth lost during the Dukes takeover of Karameikos. He was assassinated by an unknown element of the Karameikos underworld.

Rupert – Traldarian who guided for us in Specularium

  • He wore a wool trimed cloak and had dark green eyes. We met him in the Blue Water Mead Hall. He agreed to show us around the Mirrored City and helped us find horses, tack, fodder, provisions and winter coats for our journey to Luln.

Alexander Torenescu – Head of the Torenescu merchant family

  • Became head of the Torenescu family after his father Kristoph’s death. There is some question about who really runs the family as his uncle Borris pressures him a great deal do to his young age. Rumors suggest that Alexander is also showing signs of being sick and weak. I suspect Borris is contributing to his condition possibly using poison.

Boris Torenescu – Member of the Torenescu merchant family

  • Kristoph’s brother, with some speculation that he may have contributed to his brothers demise in some way. He is a selfish weseal of a man of short think build and flopping hair. He may be in league with Sergei Torenescu and the master mind behind the fake gold scam in an attempt to destabilize the Dutchy. He also aspires to take over the Torenescu family.

Flameflicker – King of the Kingdom of Thieves in Specularum.

  • Little is known about Flameflicker at this time.

Karthic Surimi – Wizard of Glantri.

  • Karthic was a Krondiharian who lost his wizards license and was imprisoned for turning people to stone without a proper license. He left an abandoned estate NW of Glantri City in the Glantrian Hills. Investigation by the party showed these charges to be false and the work of a basilisk and the PSCC. Karthic was murdered in prison by an unknown corrupt magistrate right before we attempted to have him freed.

Elvonous – Wizard

  • Wears blue robes with stars and carries a magically twisted cane with a silver knob. Speaks with a strong Thyatian accent. Bought our ethereal pearls from us at Arcanium.

Thendain Thelmore – Alphatian Priest

  • We met him when we traveled to Alphatia. He told us of Entl’s death and estate. He also visited us on the flying castle and urged us to return to settle the disputed estate.

Commodore Rejk Munreiser – Heldannic Freehold Commodore

  • Commanded two Heldann warbirds used to attack us on our flying castle. We defeated his forces destroying one warbird and severely damaging the other. Last seen flying after his dropped longsword in full retreat.

Sergeant Erik Thlrest – Heldannic Freehold Soldier

  • He was the highest ranked officer surviving the destruction of the Heldann warbird he served on. We rescued him and 50 Heldann soldiers who then joined us in our campaign against the Ethengar. After faithful service and several victories we released them from our service and allowed them to return to the Freeholds.

Stef – Wizard

  • Man wearing grey robes cinched about his waist, flowing sleeves, long black gloves, wand in holster at his waist. He had close cropped sandy blond hair and a scruffy unshaven beard. We met him in Estoniarsk when establishing our trade routes.

Mayor Boldigoff – Mayer of Estoniarsk

  • Mayor who helped us establish trade routes and supply lines with Estoniarsk merchants.

Muglur – Yugati clan warrior

  • A warrior of the Yugati Ethengar and nephew of Temur Kahn. He came to demand we prostrate ourselves before Temur Kahn. We captured him then later released him sending him back unknowingly with the scabbard of Al-kalim.

Temur Kahn Kahn of Yugati Clan

  • Rumored to be a fierce and powerful warrior. His symbol is the wolf. The Yugati are known to line their saddles with wolf fur and they love to hunt the Gostai goblins for sport.

Renaldo – A Darokin City merchant

  • A merchant from Darokin City wearing blue and brown robes and a gold amulet. He was spokesman for Moglur when they can to deliver their ultimatum. After we questioned him about the Yugati and their Kahn he was released.

Trudesco – Darokin Merchant

  • Trudesco first approached the party in Glantri City, where he talked of opening trade with Blofeld.
  • He was again seen by the party outside of the keep with his caravan. While the party entertained him, Trudesco shared rumors he had heard in his travels, most notably concerning Salhadin’s family.

Hans Tueli – Arms Dealer

  • Hans is a Glantrian arms dealer located in Nyra. He imports and sells a large amount of arms.

Sheikh Tarik Ben Nadir – Sheikh of the Duchy of Tel-Akbir

  • Entertained the party in Tel-Akbir city at the Gray Dolphin Inn. His help allowed the party to locate Salhadin’s family’s previous estate holdings in the city.

Creatures of Note:

Jarl Orsatch – Frost Giant

  • Depicted on a mural in the temple of Hel, demanding Kragkissdon, a massive white dragon, leave the territory of the frost giants.

Chief Mulgak – Gostai goblin tribal chief.

  • Chief of the tribe of Horse Hoof Danglers of the Purple Field. A tribe of Ethengar style goblins living on the steppes. We rescued them and they joined our fight against the Yugati.

Cheif Terkica – Gostai gobolin tribal cheif.

  • Chief of the second tribe of Gostai goblins we rescued from the steppes that joined our fight against the Yugati.


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