The People of Thyatis.

Senator Helenites Osteropolis A slightly short man only standing at 5’8" but large around the waist, with grey hair and eyes. His dress in extremely rich. He often wears tunics of reds and purples, the imperial colors. His jewelry on one hand could buy much of Blofeld.
This massively influential senator is known for his like of gladiator fights, and his parties. He was introduced to the party before the gladiator fights Salhadin and Hakim partook in. The meeting was brief, but positive.

Maximitus Christatarius A lanista, manager of gladiators, he is in his 40’s has black hair and a shaven face. He told the Senator Helinities Osteropolis of the party and invited us to the senator’s gala. He also arranged spots for Hakim and Salhadin in the gladiator fights, and toasted on arranging a future fight with Elias in it. He seems to be a businessman at heart, and it is not sure if he was involved in drugging the party before the gladiator fights.

Lady Elemaledai A beautiful Thyatian of Alphatian descent. She is very pale with redish hair and gold speckled green eyes. She has shapely expensive robes. She looked to be quite wealthy but the party did not discern her connections to the party or any nobility. She studied magic in Alphatia, and she called out the party on stealing the castle. Thaljun joked with her about that and they both had a memorable night together in a private back room in the senator’s villa. She seemed very connected since she had full access to private entertainment rooms, and she liked zzonga fruit.

Thaedra Dafnura Kensies A young looking older woman and resident cleric (of vanya) of the Osteropolis villa. She looked the part wearing very simple robes, and seemed to be good person offering the party her services while they were guests.

Mustafa An Alasyan slave, he didn’t know Ylari and seemed to perhaps be charmed (Colin thought so). He offered the party drinks that were poisoned in some way, leading to waking in the cells before the gladiator fight.

Croaking voice: Beneath the arena is a secret organization among the gladiators. Hakim and Salhadin were almost sent into the caves of unknown depth and horror in order to be initiated into this group.


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