City of Kelvin – Barony seat of Baron Desmond Kelvin II
Home to the Order of the Griffon and considered the shinning Holy City by the Order.

Sukiskyn – A fortified homestead east of Kelvin.
Operated by Pyotr and his brother Stephan who made a living by capturing wild horses and sold them in Kelvin. Homestead was attacked by beastmen and eventually razed to the ground.

Segenyev – One of the homesteads east of Kelvin.
Possibly a logging camp and settlement, that was larger than Sukiskyn. This homestead was found abandoned and razed to the ground.

Vydrast – An elven city that existed before the arcane cataclysm.
The city fell centuries ago and is thought to have been located in the eastern forest. The Vyalia were a clan of elves from the eastern forest possibly from Vydrast. It is said that the lake of lost dreams is the way to the city of Vydrast. Vydrast, Mecca of the Vyalia in the dawn before men in this land, lies downriver from the Lake of Dreams where the grasses and the waters and the forests meet. (excerpt p.74 Laer’ymrak) Lindsay believes the Laer’ymrak book is in the restricted library on the floor above the laboratory.

High Forge – Home of the Gnomes, located a days journey to the NW of Kelvin.
Most of the guards in High Forge are dwarves. You have to travel by elevator platform to enter High Forge since it is mostly inside a mountain. There are pillars covered in dwarven runes as well as masterfully painted forest scenes that almost seem real. The city is steam powered with many machines and services being provided including conveyor belts and other wonders. Now known as Oulgritamak. Oulgritamak was attacked by an army of Griffon soldiers and was destroyed by an earthquake summoned by the Immortals. Highforge is back to normal name and status in the new time line.

Idgia – A plane that is the nexus point between the plane of earth and the plane of fire.

Unn – A plane that is the quasi elemental plane of smoke.
It lies between the plane of fire and the demon pits. It is near to the plane of Idgia.

Penhaligon – A town to the NE of HighForge.
This area is mostly populated by sheep herders. Ran into the Shepherds of the law – the self proclaimed law in the area. Ended up wiping out Thadius Trise and his Shepherds of the law gang. He had brought a new breed of sheep to town, created a sheep consortium and had been taking over the local farmsteads under false pretenses.

Rifflian – A Callarii city on the river.

Town of Luln – A town in western Karameikos on the border of the Black Eagle Barony.
The town is located on good rich soil close to a forest teaming with wildlife and has a lot of potential. Mistress Sascia is the current town leader of Luln. Walls have been breached in places and the town has grown in size with lots of ramshackled camping occurring outside the walls. A Church of Traldar is located here. The Cult of Halav and a new prominent building flying a banner with a circular symbol of Halav on it (similar to the copper coins) Salhadin – now captain of the guards, has a tower flying a banner (scimitar over a scale pattern shield). Salhadin has trained an elite well armed cadre of fighters (30 @ level 2 fighters) – all are trained in scimitar. Regular guards have scale hauberks made of leather or metal and carries a scimitar in addition to their other weapons.

Koriszegy Keep – A ruined keep near Luln that is reportedly haunted.
the rumors were true, this was the lair of a vampire lord and 3 of his vampire followers. The Vampire lord was the Lord Koriszegy himself and was ancient and powerful. Thaljun was able to slay the Vampire Lord and the 3 vampire followers. There may be a few ghouls left but otherwise the ruin is cleared of its evil.

Tavern of the Golden Blade – A tavern in the town of Luln.
The party stayed at this tavern before and after their successful raid on Aganziscorr’s lair. Elias retailed the battle with Agan in this tavern to the townsfolk and Mistress Sascia. This is where the party was introduced to Commander Anton Aulraudy.

Fort Doom – Baronial seat of the Black Eagle Baron
Fort Doom is the castle and city name of the Baronial seat of Baron Ludwig von Hendriks. Located in an area originally called Halag on the Gulf of Halag Fort Doom is primarily a fishing town with many fishing boats and a few war ships.

Tower of the Silver Eye- The tower of the Seer Sylvanna near the Lake of Lost Dreams.
The party ventured to the tower in order to return the Eye of Traldar to the Seer. The party could only arrive at the tower under the guidance of the Seer’s apprentice, Lady Isabella. Currently, the tower’s magical defenses are disabled, leaving it vulnerable to attack and infiltration. The party is adventuring to repair the defenses of the tower.

Stallinford- A small town along the Duke’s Road NE of Penhaligon.
The town was preparing to celebrate the King’s Festival when it was raided by Orcs of the Dark Triad. The Orcs burned the Temple of Traldar, captured the priest and slew two towns people before returning to their lair NW of town. The party saved the priest, Aralic, returned several enslaved citizens to the town, and destroyed the Orc threat. The party also contributed ~1200gp to the reconstruction of the Church of Traldar. The party stayed at the Hungry Halfling Inn while in Stallinford.

Haradreth Keep – An old fortress in North Eastern Karameikos
Situated about a days journey NW of the town of Stallinford, this fortress is strong and in good repair. It currently houses the Splinterskull tribe, who serve Lady Illyana Penhaligon. The party attempted an ill planned assault on the keep and were capture and imprisoned in its dungeon. The party escaped and helped Lady Illyana oust her former allies, the Dark Brotherhood. The Splinterskull tribe, with the help of the party, has repulsed an attack by the Order of the Griffin. The Tribe now claims the keep as their home.


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