Latest Rumors

  • An Ellerovyn Spokesman died last week in parliament. Witnesses report he was trying fiercely to explain something when the diamond in his forehead exploded.
  • The heir of High Sonden has not been confirmed as Count yet after his mother was blown up along with their tower. Maybe it’s just politics, but he’s been accused of being inept at magic.
  • An orc named Boulk came with the latest Broken Lands marauders. They say he is camping in the south of Glantri and is killing wizards. He most recently slew Lord Coletack.
  • A balloon gondola has been flying in circles over Glantri City for weeks now. Some students flew up to investigate but fled in terror. It was haunted.

Recent Rumors

  • The Sisters of the Unicorn feud with Salasyre’s Wiles of the World even sending a famous thug to his tower. Megrat was never heard from again.
  • A student attending the gambling house during Arcanium hasn’t been seen since.
  • Prince Innocenti’s wife, head of his city estate, has gone missing. His agents have been scouring the country for her.


  • A graduate visiting Akorros was challenged by a visiting Alphatian. Both were destroyed in the duel that followed.
  • There is talk that the Spokesman’s Guild harbors a mysterious secret.
  • Some in House Sylaire are on a power grab unsettling Klantyre, Sirechia, Linden, and now even Singhabad. Politics are really heating up.
  • The Tower of High Sonden was destroyed in a powerful explosion. The Countess has not been seen since. Agents of the House of Singhabad are said to be involved.
  • There have been increasing orc raids into Darokin from the Broken Lands.
  • A trade war between Ilici and Sorros houses was reported some months ago in Darokin.
  • The Five Shires complained to Darokin about the increased pirate and robber activity coming out of Karameikos.
  • A new brothel, the Wiles of the World, has opened in Glantri City. It is exotic and extremely expensive.
  • Orkish marauders recently raided north from the Broken Lands but were repelled.

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