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July 21, 2014 16:16

Except from an entry from the 19th of Vatermont

The Parliament may call our exile what it likes, but we were most certainly forced out of that country. I am amazed Thaljun was able to keep his title- maybe they still hope to get something useful out of him. I myself am done with Glantri- oppression of the mundaners no more! It is back to Karameikos we go, a land with which my type fits much better.

As we leave Glantri behind us, I maintain my disdain for the Immortals. They are petty, and inconsistent. Their might gives them a cancerous pride over the mortal realm, but the events that have transpired with the Radiance just remind me that they are not as special as we mortals make them out to me. While they have made no new moves against me, I am sure more trouble lies on the horizon as I continue to pursue my family’s heritage. Perhaps Reddrian will be a valuable ally against his peer immortals, for he seems to be the most level headed of all his immortal brethren.

I spent our last days in Glantri City acquiring some precious magical items, since such items will be much rarer elsewhere in the world. I was especially interested in purchasing magical gifts for the Duke of Karameikos, and chose items that represent our friendship and commitment to the nation. I don’t mention my plans to the others, since I wanted it to be a surprise for them as well, but later we will see how that amusingly soured. I was also able to obtain several powerful items- a Javalin of Lightening and a Belt of Strength. Before my physical prowess was at the top of human performance, but now I have entered the realm of supernatural strength! The final most notable administrative act was the selling of our massive herd of horses to Prince Von Draconfells for an extremely healthy sum. He treated us with utmost fairness, giving us an unbeatable price for the horses, even with them in such bulk. At least there seems to be one Prince who does not hate us in Glantri.

Finally, with our preparations complete, we took to the air, bound of Karameikos. As the Principalities of Glantri fell behind us, I felt as though a chapter of our lives was ending. Glantri brought us incredible wealth and fortune, great adventure, and unbelievable stories, but it was not the place for a warrior such as myself. There I could not restore the Tem Ra name to greatness and glory, nor could I achieve all my potential as a mortal there.

We arrived here in Karameikos this morning. I encouraged Thaljun to land us right in the middle of the Duke’s courtyard, but he insisted that would end badly. After being here for a short time he is indeed correct. I did not realize the nation was on such high alert against Alphatian air attack, and an unexpected landing of air vessels in a high security zone could be misinterpreted as an attack rather than great pomp. I have to admit that my time in Glantri has fed my pride a great deal, and I now enjoy basking in glory and fanfare. Instead of a magnificent entrance, we land on a humble warehouse at the docks and are quickly accosted by a dock manager, to whom we pay an arbitrary fee for where we landed.

We immediately headed for the Ducal court, wanting to give our proper dues and find out how we can be of assistance. Lord Korigan is the first to greet us, along with Lord Valdo Tisza, the finance minister, and Teldon, the court magician. After a few brief pleasantries we immediately cut to the chase of why we have been sent. Interestingly, the Karamikian government asked for Thaljun by name, knowing him to be a man trying to unravel the mysteries of air travel. They want our help in developing air assets that can stave off the Alphatian threat, but not only are they weak in magical ability and knowledge, but also in money. Throughout the conversation I wondered what they really hope to achieve- Alphatia is a massive, sprawling empire devoted to the practice and learning of magic. Their airships are mighty and many, and their finances seemingly endless. If there is one thing I have learned about the creation of great magical items, it is that they take an absurd amount of financial investment to be worthwhile. Indeed they have placed a daunting task upon us- build us an airfleet able to compete with Alphatia, but affordable for one of the poorest countries in the known world.

Also, they requested our immediate assistance with the reclamation of Korizagy keep near Luln. The Duke has heard too much of his cousin’s evil exploits in the east, and hopes that a new garrison at Korizagy will deter his aggressive actions. I am in awe that the Duke finally is admitting that his cousin is a problem- it has only taken him years. It was 5 years ago that I stood at the wall against the Baron’s army as it attacked Luln. The Duke’s failure to respond in any meaningful way after that event led me to believe that he would never intervene on behalf of his people in the west.

As our meeting closes, we are invited to a feast in honor of our answer to the Duke’s call. We are given quarters in the Duke’s hall, and prepare for the festivities of the night. There we meet many an important figure, including Lady Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez, the ambassador of Glantri to Karameikos. Whenever I hear her name, there is a fleeting thought in the back of my mind that reminds me of some massive ecological disaster. After the cocktail hour, the Duke enters and we are invited to sit. I am seated next to Hakim and Lord Korigan, who instructs me on the proper procedures of gift giving to the Duke. As the evening goes on, we tell tales of our exploits. Admittedly, the one I chose to tell is a bit over the top on the self-glorification scale- didn’t I say Glantri had fed my pride? In hindsight it was a bit embarrassing that I told such a self serving story, but the story of the Creature of Flaem and Ice is such a good story!

Finally it was time to present gifts. However, as I introduced myself as the gift giver, I inadvertently said I was the first of the group to give gifts, which implied that my comrades would be expected to give gifts as well! Fortunately, my speech left them some time to think about the gifts they would give, though I could feel Thaljun’s exasperation at this unexpected development! I began with an Unguent of Timelessness, to represent that we are on no timeline in regards to how much aid we will offer the Duchy. Next I gave an Elixir of Truth, representing that we come with integrity and honesty in our efforts to help the Duchy. Lastly, I end with a Phylactery of Faithfulness, representing our dedication to the success of the Duchy. Hakim was quick on his feet and gave a beautiful chess set, while Thaljun ended with the gifting of one of our airships to the Duke, as we had previously discussed we would at some point do. Overall, the evening ended well. Tomorrow we set out for Luln, and Korizegy Keep.

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