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August 30, 2014 09:16
Some excerpts from the journal of Salhadin

20 Vatermont

We arrive in Luln, where the people greet us graciously, remembering our party’s many great exploits in the town. We only stay a short while to take care of some minor business before moving on to Korzegy keep. Aerial recon revealed nothing, but clearly we were seen because we engaged several large undead when we entered the compound. They are no significant challenge, though Kurt got hit with their venom.

We entered the lower levels through the well with a Sunlight spell to light our way, but the Darkness is too thick to penetrate the darkness. We begin stacking Sunlight on top of Sunlight to overcome the Darkness.

The first room contains nothing significant, but as soon as we begin to pass to the next do we engage several enemies. Two vampires, a necromancer, and some minor undead hold the next room. A literally battle of light and dark ensures as we attempt to maintain the ability to see. In my effort to continue to engage the enemy, I swing wildly into the darkness, only to lose my Rod. Cursing, I draw my back up.

Behind me I hear a loud splash, and Cyndra shouts “Kurt just fell into the pool!”, but I had more pressing issue to attend to, I felt assured that his comrades in the rear would be capable of retrieving him.

After a flurry of Dispel Magics on either side, we finally prevail in temporarily overcoming the darkness. The minor undead fall before us with ease. I push forward to attack the Vampire Cleric, while Thal successfully commanded the Fighter to turn on the Necromancer.

Again the lights begin flashing on and off as we battle for supremacy of sight through various means. The Necromancer pops away with a teleport, clearly afraid that he will soon die. I hear a loud thud behind me as Vaydric hits the ground, falling from the ceiling. I look up and see the Master Vampire himself just watching, waiting to engage.

Thal then unleashes a powerful Sunburst spell, which vaporizes the two minor vampires and severely burns the master. I throw my Javelin of Lightning at him, but do not do much to him. At that time, he gazes upon Elias and dominates him, and I become very worried that this is about to be the end of the party. To make things worst, a ghost comes from the ground and attempts to drain Thaljun’s power, failing. Thal, in a last ditch effort, unleashes another Sunburst, and, by fate alone, vaporizes both the Master vampire and the ghost. In the next room I hear a brief engagement occur- but it ended quickly with Hakim slaying the Necromancer, who had teleported to our rear.

All told, the battle hardly lasted a minute, but the fighting was intense, and indeed, we nearly died. I think that most of our adventures from here out will be life or death situations. We now deal with such mighty foes that it must either be them or us, down to the very wire.
We find a secret treasure room, where we also find a prisoner named Olaf. Not only does he mention that he likes warm hugs, but he also explains that he was the companion of the Fighter and Cleric who so unfortunately got turned into the vampiric servants of the Master Vampire. I take him under my tutelage.

We find a great deal of valuable loot, and, most importantly, a large quantity of cash that we contribute to our airship fund. With luck the Duke will exempt us from taxes as a reward for the deed we just accomplished for him.

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