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September 6, 2011

…We had arrived back in Specularum, the Mirrored City, on the 1st of Neumont AC 1000. It was a changed world where a fresh new destiny awaited. A portion of our party, including Elias, Sergei, Flarg, Relhor and myself, chose to leave the Slither Wyr behind and head into the Mirrored City. Our intent was to make our way towards Luln. We were all low on coin and I knew where we could find some more. The only catch was that it was guarded by the Black Dragon Aganziscorr, since it was his dragon horde we sought to plunder.

The city was preparing for the new years celebration and was full of entertainers and travelers there for the celebrations. We thought we would tour a bit of the city with our first stop being the Blue Water Mead Hall. There we met a new companion, a warrior named Hakim and a strange fellow named Rupert. Rupert was a traldaran with dark green eyes who wore plain clothes and a wool trimmed cloak, he was more than willing to show us around town. Hakim, a hale young warrior from the Emirates of Ylaruam wearing chainmail armor and wielding a scimitar, seemed interested in traveling towards Luln and asked if he might accompany our party as we traveled westward. Appreciating the need for more strength in numbers if we intended on facing the dragon Agan I welcomed him and his scimitar to our group. He seemed the quiet type which suited me fine, since Elias typically did enough talking and boasting already. I am not sure what a Ylari warrior is doing in Specularum but if he is trustworthy and can fight we can use him. Rupert led us to an associate of his that could provide us mounts and supplies on short notice. His prices where high but he did have everything we needed and could provide us with all the items we requested without delay allowing us to leave early in the afternoon. though I do not fault him for it, I am sure that Rupert got a share of the price for bringing us to his friend. The horses offered were healthy and the gear was in good order so regardless of the high price I purchased two riding horses, provisions, tack, fodder and a winter coat, recommending to the others that they do the same. We would need the extra horses to carry the spoils of Agan’s lair back to Luln should our endeavor prove successful.

We left Specularum without delay on the afternoon of the 1st of Neumont traveling the Dukes road towards the town of Luln which we reached late the next day. We were able to find lodging for the night. As we prepared for our journey on to the Achelos Woods where I knew Agan had his lair we were approached and confronted by Mistress Sascia the leader of Luln. She wanted to know our business in Luln. Knowing that in this new timeline people might have changed from what I once knew I was hesitant to speak freely with her. I also do not think it wise to bring attention to the fact that we have traveled between the timelines in fact I believe it to be something that should remain a secret. Having no desire to deceive Mistress Sascia I reluctantly told her that we sought to enter the lair of a black dragon named Aganziscorr that was rumored to be located in the Achelos Woods. My companions were also taken back by this news as I had not told them what we would be facing a black dragon until now. When pressed by Mistress Sascia about how I knew of this dragon’s lair I admitted that I had been there before with a previous party of hero’s and that we had been unsuccessful in defeating Agan. I know my hesitations made her wary of our group and the validity of our story, but I hoped that our success would ease her mind of our intentions.

We left for Agan’s lair in high spirits and while we traveled I told my companions what little I knew of Agan’s lair. Using the map of the Achelos Woods my party from the old timeline had made we journeyed to the location of Agan’s wooden walled keep only to find that it did not yet exist in this timeline. While examining the clearing where the future keep would be built a small party of nine well geared hoban’s emerged from the surrounding woods. Their leader, speaking common, introduced himself as Stro’ghe and asked Elias, who he assumed to be our leader, if we had been summoned as well. After a brief conversation with Stro’ghe it became clear that he and his warriors had been summoned by Agan to serve him as guards. However, Elias was able to convince them to join us in assaulting and plundering Agan’s lair, offering them equal shares in the riches that were found there. Stro’ghe and his warriors agreed. As a side note I find hoban to be intelligent and capable warriors. Perhaps I should consider employing some myself as guards and protectors.

Having gained the added strength of Sto’ghe and his warriors we entered Agan’s lair, avoiding the numerous patches of grab grass while fighting and slaying the trolls I had faced in the past. As we moved deeper into the lair Elias noticed a secret passage that once open was filled with webs. Hakim, having drunk a fire breath potion, ignited the webs with his flame breath clearing the passage but also injuring some unknown creature that was hiding in the webs. The creature fled down a side passage. Our pursuit led us to a room with about half a dozen window openings in the walls. Further investigation showed the room to be suspended over a huge chamber in which roamed a massive five headed hydra. Hakim leaned out a window to get a better look and was snatched up by one of the hydra’s heads. The hobans and the rest of our party took up defensive positions at the windows as the remaining hydra heads attempted to snatch more of us through the windows. Having faced a hydra before I instructed them to sever the heads and burn the stumps with fire to prevent the head from dividing and regrowing. Flarg’s greataxe of flame efficiently dealt with a head, Elias and Sergei took care of another while the hoban using weapons and torches dealt with two more, although, several of their number sustained injuries. Hakim who was being swallowed by the last head belched his last flame breath inside the remaining head blowing it apart from the inside.

Once the hydra lay defeated we found a passage from one of the windows that lead down to the cavern floor. We found a passage that led to a dead end that contained several well placed traps, one caused the floor to fall away revealing an acid filled pit. A timely use of a fly spell kept me from any real danger. After some searching in this area we were able to find another hidden passage. This passage quickly lead us to another submerged tunnel. I investigated the submerged tunnel finding a web filled chamber down one passage and an illusion hidden second passage. After a short debate we decided to investigate the illusion hidden passage. The arcane magics I had used to protect the party so far would wear off soon and we wanted to face Aganziscorr with as many arcane protections as possible. Before we dived into the water I cast some additional daylight spells to aid us in finding our way in the dark murky water.

The watery passage became a ramp that led up out of the water into a narrow passage that looked like it opened up into a large chamber further ahead. Having removed their armors and stowed their weapons for the swim Elias, the hobans, and the others began to don their armor and ready their weapons. At that very moment Agan struck a deadly blow. Out of the darkness came a stream of acid that washed over the party burning most and turning others into acid burned char. The acid was quickly followed by a stinking cloud of foul vapors that burned the senses and caused most of the party to become sickened. Then a wave of dragon fear washed over us. This combination reduced our effective party to three; Elias, Sergei, and myself. I stepped into the large circular chamber and moved along the wall to the right side of the entrance. Elias wearing what armor he had don so far charged into the darkness in the middle of the chamber. Sergei somewhat shaken by the initial assault staggered forward slowly. The rest cowered in the entrance tunnel. As we moved forward the daylight spells I had cast on Elias and myself pushed back against the darkness but were not enough to let us see Agan clearly. Elias charged into the magical darkness and began to engage Agan with his bastard sword. Blows were traded with Agan getting the better of Elias who still could not see his foe. It was then that Sergei stepped forward and dispelled the shroud of darkness that was hiding Agan. With the dragon revealed I unleashed a spray of magic missiles only to see them harmlessly absorbed by his shield spell. Agan continued his merciless attacks on Elias, while casting a spell of alter his form growing two additional clawed arms. I knew that Elias could not hold out long in his poorly armored condition and that we had to act quickly if we hoped to bring Agan down. Agan was poised to unleash the fury of all his claws, wings, maw and tail on Elias when I used a spell of dispel magic to strip away his protections including his additional claws. I followed it up with a freezing shard spell that struck Agan all across his black scaled form. Agan roared in furry and vowed he would feast on my brains for what I had done. Sergei stepped forward and burned the side of Agan’s face with a ray of searing light. Agan became enraged and unleashed a flurry of blows that sundered Elias’s armor leaving him staggering back armor-less, shield-less but still clutching his bastard sword. I hate to say it but at that moment I thought my new friend and companion was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it. But then something incredible happened, the kind of thing that legends are made of. Elias, without armor or shield, standing naked before the great dragon Aganziscorr with nothing but his bastard sword, looked death in the eye and charged Agan with all he had, calling upon his immortals to give strength to his blade or bring him a glorious death. I think the sheer insanity of it caught Agan off guard, allowing Elias to deliver one powerful swing of his blade which cleaved Agan’s head from its body casting the dragon down to his ruin. I know that I was so shocked by what I saw that I stood dazed for a short time trying to understand what had just happened. I was not so dazed that I did not notice the thin golden ring that fell from Agan’s finger as he died. I quickly pick it up and as I did so it shrank to my fingers size and I placed it upon my hand gaining the power of evasion. Once the party got over the shock of battle and its abrupt ending we began to take stock of the situation. Our party was battered but still alive. The hobans had not fared so well and only Stro’ghe and three of his strongest lieutenants were still alive. Once the wounded had been treated and stabilized we began the plundering of Agan’s horde. It did not disappoint. Even after giving Stro’ghe and his remaining troops their share we hauled a great deal of wealth and magic from Agan’s lair. I was able to recover a great prize in his magical spellbook and two forearm scales Agan had used to inscribe spells on. As slayer of Aganziscorr Elias claimed the dragon’s head as his trophy and its hide to have it crafted into a new suit of dragonscale armor. The rest of the horde took every horse we had to haul it back to Luln.

Arriving back in Luln laden with the deceased dragon’s horde, Elias proceeded to retell the story of Agan’s demise, proudly displaying the dragons head as his trophy. I think he even impressed Lady Sasha, who up to this point had been leery of our intentions in her town. His continued boasting, however, also gained the attention of one Commander Anton, an officer in the employ of the Black Eagle Barony. After hearing the tale Commander Anton congratulated our party and then gave a personal invitation to Elias and the rest of our group to visit the Black Eagle Barony to meet with the Baron so we could be recognized for our bravery and of course pay our required taxes. The trip to meet with the Baron and pay our taxes was largely uneventful for me. There was a great deal of apprehension within the party about meeting with the Baron, but as this was a new timeline I felt I should keep an open mind, since the Baron may not be the same man he was in the old timeline. I did note that he does still employ hoban guards, but I have seen the value of hobans and am considering employing my own in the future. He was a gracious host entertaining us with a string quartet until Salhadin ruined the performance with his loud talking. He showed Elias a great deal of respect with a well executed military honor guard salute. Elias was even offered a knighthood by the Baron for his heroic slaying of Aganziscorr. Other than that we gave our names, cities of origin and payed our respective taxes. I am glad to be done with that. Now I can look forward to traveling to Glantri and the Great School of Magic…△

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