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January 7, 2012

…Received a sealed letter from the Baron de Morlay asking where I had been and why I had not petitioned parliament to make my claim for the vacant Viscounty of Blofeld. Parliament is for the Baron’s, Viscounts, Marques and other nobles or their Spokesman. Council is for the Princes or their Spokesman.

Spokesman’s Guild provides spokesmen to the nobility. They have a small diamond embedded in their foreheads. They are conditioned to be absolutely loyal to their noble and his/her interest. They are typically used to represent the Prince or Noble at Council or Parliament so that the Noble does not have to occupy their time with attending such meetings.

To become a noble one needs 80 Council votes. I petitioned the parliament and passed the arcane interview part – my interview occurred the very next day after I petitioned, which I understand to be highly unusual. Someone is very interested in moving this along quickly. Petitioned the parliament again and passed the leadership interview part. Took only two days. Petitioned the parliament again and passed the loyalty interview part. Took only two days.

Rayd Varian – is the other graduate who is petitioning for the vacant Viscounty. He has the support of Crownguard (16 votes), Alhambra (18 votes), and Sirecchia (16 votes). I have the support of Sylaire (25 votes), Ritterburg (16 votes), Singhabad (25 votes) The following Houses remain undecided Elerovyn (21 votes), Linden (17 votes), Igorov (15 votes), and Silverston (22 votes)

In an effort to gather more votes I sought an audience with Princess Carlorina Erewan of House Ellerovyn. The two elven houses, Ellerovyn and Alhambra, are well known rivals. Since Rayd had gained support from Alhambra I hoped to gain support from house Ellerovyn. In the previous timeline I spent some time with the Callarii elves, even being resurrected as one leaving me with an affinity for elves. I hoped this would add me in gaining Princess Erewan’s support and votes.

Luigi told me the Ambassador of Alfheim, Sire Galladin, was throwing a party which a representative of house Ellerovyn was sure to attend. Luigi assisted me in obtaining an invitation. I made sure to bring all my items of elvish origin to use in showing my elf interests and affinity. At the party I was invited to meet with Ambassador Galladin and to my surprise Princess Erewan. I incorporated all of my elven items and relicts into our conversation, promising the Princess loyalty to her house if she gave me her support. I gave her my living wood staff as a gift, which she had planted in front of the ambassador’s estate where it instantly grew into a mature oak tree.

Dante and Salhadin on their own initiative went on a clandestine mission to infiltrate the Varian estate outside of town and find out more information about Rayd Varian. This mission was not very successful and their intrusion was discovered by Rayd’s guards. This resulted in Rayd making formal accusations against me.

Dante was able to find out that Rayd had developed a new 3rd level spell called Cleave – A spell that does massive physical damage by infusing a weapon with magic and hurling it at the target. The weapon does direct damage as well as area damage from the resulting shattered shards of the weapon when it strikes.

The date for the vote was set. Prior to the vote I received a sealed envelope from Prince Virayana IV, Supreme Judge of the Council. His letter informed me that he would not be casting his votes for me due to the formal accusations filed against me by Rayd. As the Supreme Judge of the Council he felt it would not be proper for him to be seen supporting an accused noble.

After the vote I received a sealed envelope from House Ellerovyn. Princess Erewan’s letter informed me that she had cast her votes in my behalf. The gift and artifacts I had presented her showed I was a friend of the elves, however, she would expect complete loyalty to Clan Ellerovyn as payment for her support.

This resulted in the vote being a draw with neither candidate receiving the necessary votes to be instated as the new Viscount of Blofeld. Knowing the allegations against me were still out there and that a Parliament vote might also be a draw. I decided to resolve both issues by challenging Rayd to a wizards duel. A victory would both clear my name and win me the vacant Viscounty. Rayd readily accepted.

My duel with Rayd was short but intense. This arena was quite different from my previous duel, being smaller in size, rectangular in shape, with a stone floor, and three stone wells placed in a line down the center of the arena between the two raised duelist entrances. The wells seemed to affect magic in strange ways but our duel did not last long enough for me to get a good understanding of their function. As our duel started my speed allowed me to strike a first blow with a Lightning bolt spell. Rayd, injured by my spell, lept to the arena floor, drew a weapon from his bag of holding and responded with his new Cleave spell. The spell hurled the weapon at me with great speed, but it was somehow deflected into the arena barrier as it passed over one of the wells. I attempted to protect myself with a Minor globe of invulnerability spell which proved to be ineffective as his next Cleave spell passed right through it barely missing me it exploded into a spray of sparkling metal shards which my Ring of Evasion helped me avoid. Rayd’s new spell was formidable and I needed to end the battle quickly before taking a direct blow, so I unleashed my freezing shards spell. As the cold enveloped him I noticed it’s effects diminished by a magic ring Rayd wore, however, the physical damage he sustained was enough to render him unconscious. With Rayd incapacitated the duel was over and I had won my second wizard’s duel.

With the outcome of the duel decided things moved quickly with the Council. Rayd’s defeat left him unable to attend the Council vote so I won the required votes with ease and was named the 14th Viscount of Blofeld.

Upon paying 700 ducats in parliament meeting fees, 406 ducats for the first month of Council taxes, and 41 ducats for the Chancellors bill I was granted the deed to Blofeld Estate and the master key ring for the Tower of Blofeld my new home.

The Tower of Blofeld was a two story grey stone building with a tower built into it. It contained 4 guest rooms, a private study, fire elemental furnace room, large storage room, kitchen, main hall, two main hall balconies, a master bedroom, and a private laboratory at the top of the tower that has retractable panels that opens it up to the sky. There is even a secret door on the west side of the main hall fireplace that leads outside or up a very tight runged passage to the rooftop. The Tower is located at the base of the mountains with the Village of Blofeld stretching out to the south below the Tower.

I also took the opportunity while in Glantri City to hire the services of a full time Spokeman named Bax Edin. Spokesmen are extremely loyal and I have designated him my voting representative and seneschal of my estate. I think he will work out quite well…△

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