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November 29, 2014

…Elias while in Thaytis City on a mission for Thaljun encountered a green robed glantrian wizard named Nelk at a local tavern. Nelk, a tall thin bearded fellow, wore the colors of the Baron of Hopswych and was in town to pick up a shipment of ale for the Hopswych Ale Festival. A festival hosted by Baron Turnglass as his Barony is two days time. Nelk recognizing Elias invited him and Thaljun to the festival. Elias agreed and teleported back to Hopswych with Nelk after Nelk sent Thaljun a sending message informing him of the invitation.

Even though the Barony of Hopswych is newly founded and remote the town of Turnville was bustling with young people and wizards. It boasted an unusual number of wizards towers and a huge alehouse completely made of wood. The town was surrounded by fields of hops with mills for hops and ale production. It is rumored the Baron discovered a new magical hops and now brews a line of magical enchanted ale.

Once we arrived at the Baron’s tower, which extended into the side of a mountain, we were shown to quarters and invited to a secret meeting with the Baron and other select wizards in the lower levels of the tower after midnight. We were given the password to the lower levels (Arhop) and left to our own devices.

Secret Meeting:

  • There were about 20 wizards in attendance including myself and Elias. All of them were young name level wizards recently graduated from the GSM. Only two of them were nobles but all of them were top of their class wizards. The two nobles in attendance were Baron Turnglass and Baroness Chance Tower, both new barons. I also met Lady Jenpalma (nice robes, dangly gold earrings, crossed vest of tight silk, wand with jewel encrusted handle) a recent graduate who attended our Blofled Tourney, and Lady Sola Thes (golden cloak with real gold runes, green eyes, thin nose, and brown hair) who I remembered from my own time at the GSM.
  • A Master Umbrim (middle aged but very youthful, runed cloak, runed satchel, ebony scarab on neck, silvery headband with ruby) was the guest of honor who addressed the gathering. He spoke of the radiance and its secrets though he gave no specifics. He hinted at its aura which he said originated from the capital. He implied the nobles and princes controlled access to its power. He wanted the wizards to join him and he would reveal to them a key to the path to immortality. He possessed a bundle of tightly bound scrolls which he said held the secret to immortality. He was willing to give us these scrolls at no cost or commitment. His deal was too good to be true and I suspect there is a more sinister plot behind it.
  • The next day over lunch at the Jade Crucible I spoke with Lady Tower about Umbrim’s offer. She felt obligated as a glantrian wizards to take his scroll and see what it offered, but was unsure if she would take such a path even if it was offered. She asked me directly about the radiance and what happened to me. I told her I was not sure I trusted her enough to tell her the truth. Perhaps she is someone I can trust with a portion of the truth.
  • Later back at the Baron’s tower Lady Sola Thes approached me also asking me my opinion of Master Umbrim’s offer. I told her I did not trust his offer. Such power is never free and often has a heavy hidden cost.

Celebration Day rumors:

  • The Wendarian Elves who live to the north of Glantri have a jewel of power.
  • Mardis, the marble golem, is acting as the Viscount of Blofeld, however, he has not been confirmed by the Council of Princes. A graduate from the GSM petitioned the Council and challenged him for the Viscounty. His spells failed to affect the golem as Mardis charged across the duel field and ripped the graduate apart. Normally this would disqualify Mardis but as the graduate was already dead the duel was ended. No new challengers have stepped forward to claim the Viscounty.
  • The vacant County of Glenargyll which was stripped from Count Thaljun was filled by Rowena Krollnar the Viscountess of Bergen.
  • The Viscounty of Bergen was filled by Pieter Vandehaar the Baron of Oxhill.
  • The Barony of Oxhill was filled by Lady Taida Enarius who has not yet chosen a noble house.
  • A bugbear ripped apart one of the pigs in the area and left it to rot.
  • Teachers at the GSM, including Prince Etienne, are looking for Lord Thaljun and are seeking to kill him.
  • Heir of the Verlien is looking for Elias. It is suspected he is seeking revenge for the death of his mother

Celebration Day arrives and Elias and I attend the festivities. Elias dives right into the ale drinking indulging in the enchanted ales. While floating under the effect of an enchanted ale he encountered a drunk wizard that recognized and tried to apprehend him. After knocking him senseless Elias left him under a table to sleep it off.

Master Umbrim approaches me during the celebration. He tries again to persuade me to join him by giving me one of the tightly bound scrolls. He even reveals information about the radiance that implies he has knowledge beyond what most mortals could know. He knows Rad is not the master of the radiance because he cannot access the central controls. He also knows the radiance has changed, implying its change from draining magic to draining entropy. I now suspect him to be an agent of entropy.

Umbrim also gave me a warning for Baron Turnglass. A horde of humonids (bugbears, hobgoblins etc.) are on their way to the Barony looking for slaves and ale. If they get the upper hand it will go badly for the Barony. He said they would come from the mountain pass to the south. I relayed this message to the Baron and a cohort of wizards including myself, the Baron and Elias flew down to the pass to set up an ambush. Elias scouting ahead intercepted a bugbear scout, which turned out to be Thasi a scout and member of the monster hunters guild. Captain Terenious was leading a company of monster hunters up through the pass in disguise. They were bound for the northern passes to intercept the real bugbears coming from the north. Terenious invoked a divination spell showing us the location of the bugbears in the northern passes. His company asked for passage through the Barony and exclusive rights to hunting the bugbears. For dealing with the bugbear threat they only wanted 3 barrels of ale in return. Baron Turnglass agreed to their terms and returned to the festival. Umbrim had sent us in the wrong direction to destroy the monster hunters coming to deal with the real bugbear threat. These actions only solidify my suspicions of Umbrim being an agent of entropy. At the very least someone or some group seeking to bring turmoil to Glantri.

With this new suspicion, I took a moment to study the scroll with my magics. They revealed it contained a ninth level universal spell (likely a radiance spell) called ‘Transcend Life Force’ which included a long list of rare to extremely rare ingredients incorporated in the spell. This was the type of spell a high level wizard might spend his entire life researching and collecting ingredients for. Yet here is was all neatly wrapped in a tightly bound scroll, and Master Umbrim had 20 of these in his possession. Something did not add up. There was no way this was being given out freely. I realized the truth when my next spell revealed the two curses incorporated in the scroll. The first curse was not unexpected. The scroll could not be copied or it would be destroyed. The second curse’s implications were far more sinister. The scroll could only be use at the wizards current level of power. If the wizard advanced their level of power the scroll would be ruined. This meant to make use the scroll you had to use it at your current level of power, and he had purposely selected recent graduates from the GSM all around the same level of power. My own knowledge and experience with the radiance tells me if a wizard attempts this spell and fails they would be either destroyed, or more likely converted into some form of undeath. This is what happened to Prince Brennart and Grand Master Charan. This was his plan. He knew wizards at this level would have little to no chance of success in casting the spell. These scrolls were death sentences. Even worse they would turn 20 of Glantri’s youngest and brightest into a pack of undead monsters all too willing to serve the cause of entropy. This would be a devastating blow to Galantri. I could not let this happen. I must expose Umbrim for what he is and thwart this disaster, but how…△

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