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June 14, 2012

Spring Equinox – AC 1001:
…At midnight I stood before my receptacle, a glowing blue light emanated from my receptacle as it swirled with blue color and sparks of light. The wind howled outside my tower as a violent thunderstorm raged in the night unleashing loud thunder, flashes of lightning and hail. The weather has been very bad of late as the last of the snow has finally melted and tonight was proving to be no exception. As pulsing blue light emanated from my crystal orb of power eight voices including my own spoke the ritual greeting: “I hail the light of Rad!” The meeting of the Brotherhood of the Radiance had convened.
The Brotherhood are named as follows:

  • Rad – Who speaks with a vibrant voice with a slight Averoigne accent.
  • Brother Moonshadow – A voice of a tired older man.
  • Brother Morningsun – A young childlike voice.
  • Brother Nightfire – A deep resonating fiery voice.
  • Brother Paleglow – A crackly voice.
  • Brother Estocata – A voice with a Belcadizan accent.
  • Brother Highlight – A cold whispery voice of some age.
  • Brother Icegleam – Myself.

The conversation of the Brotherhood was as follows:

Moonshadow – Spoke first relating to the Brotherhood that he was investigating a deep rumbling in the Colossus Mountains.

Icegleam – I responded that I knew the source of this rumbling and relayed to the Brotherhood the details of my encounter with the Beast of Flaem and Ice.

Rad – The beast was a great wyrm a powerful relic from the final days of the 40 year war with Alphatia. He asked Nightfire whose family was familiar with the history of the beast to relate what he knew.

Nightfire – His family did know the history of the beast. It used to be a wyrn that inhabited the Colossus Mountains. It was captured at the end of the 40 year war by the Fleamish, enhanced then unleashed to ravage the lands of their rivals in an attempt to gain power. However, the beast raged out of control ravaging everything including Fleamish strongholds

Paleglow – Said the beast was a creature of vengeance.

Rad – He has sensed the great beast and that it is powerful beyond the strength of mortals.

Paleglow – It was last seen and stopped in Blofeld by my ancestor after it had pillaged and looted Blofeld, and several strongholds of the Flaemish and Alphatians. That was when it was imprisoned in the sacred mountain by my ancestor and his companions.

Rad – This beast will exact a high toll if faced.

Icegelam – I told the Brotherhood that I would face this beast and see that its rampage in the Colossus Mountains came to an end. Rad and the others accepted my offer to handle this assignment.

Estocata – Informed the Brotherhood that he had captured a shadow elf and interrogated it. It died during his interrogation but he was able to learn that they do exist and that there are many of them living deep deep underground beneath the broken lands.

Highlight – He did not believe Estocata, that there are any such things as shadow elves. He countered that shadow elves were a legend that comes up from time to time. He asked where was the legend of the shadow elves most popular, Darokin, Ethengar, and what are the rumors we hear? They are said to live underground where they have gigantic cities. They fight over the limited resources and only the strong survive. There are many monsters that kill them again assuring that only the strong survive. The shadow elf life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutal, and short. They are in stark contrast to the wood elves. They live among the crude humanoids such as the Orcs of Thar (The Orc King in the Broken Lands). No, shadow elves are not real they are a legend, and who is the source of these legends? None other than King Doriath, king of the wood elves in Alfheim. King Doriath uses these legends to keep his people in line using shadow elves as a way to cull his people of undesirables who threaten or oppose him.

Rad – I want to learn more about the shadow elves. If they do exist it is something that the Brotherhood needs to know about. We are to find out anything we can about the shadow elves and their existence.

Nightfire – The Council of Princes has discussed to no result the threat in the east from the Ethengarian heretics. He feels this is a real threat to Glantri and wants each Brother to use their Shepherds of Rad to root out all Ethengarian heretics in our lands.

Icegleam – I informed the Brotherhood of the small party of clerics and dwarves that I had repelled from the lands near Blofeld.

Rad – Commands us to protect the secrets of Glantri. He warns that the wizards of Alphatia (Council of 1,000 level 36 wizards) seek to know our secrets. We must protect against them for they must never know the secrets of Glantri and the Radiance. We must be vigilant at all times.

With those words spoken the Brotherhood adjourned until the Summer Solstice at midnight…△

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