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Time Line of events: Year – AC 1001


1 – Learned from the Mystics that the Beast of Flaem and Ice and broken free of its imprisonment within the sacred mountain overlooking Lahamsa. Traveled to find the beast, encountered and defeated a yeti. Returned to Lahamsa for the night.
2 – Spring Equinox – Returned to the sacred mountain and found the lair of the Beast of Flaem and Ice. Encountered the Beast, it surprised us and swallowed us whole. Thaljun was able to teleport he and Elias out of the Beasts belly and back to Blofeld Tower.
3 – The Beast approaches Blofeld. We drop a bounder onto the Beast in a ravine smashing some of its segments. Teleported to Lahamsa to read the Tomb of Flaem and Ice. Flew to the Beasts lair where we slew the Beast with the use of a dwarvish artifact. Recovered map of frost giant tomb and temple to Hel.
3 thru 9 – Party recovered from wounds sustained battling the Beast in Lahamsa.
10 thru 12 – Traveled on foot to the mountain peak where the Frost giant tomb and temple to Hel was located. Cleansed the tomb/temple of its undead and returned to Blofeld.
13 – Party rested and Thaljun identified potions.
14 – Shepherd of Rad Genti arrived to take over as Head Shepherd of the Temple of Rad in Blofeld. Party traveled to Glantri City for supplies.
15 – Thaljun began enchanting a wand of Scorching Rays. A frost giant arrived in Blofeld seeking the tomb raiders. Elias slew the frost giant. Lord Rayd Varian imprisoned Relhor during the battle, demanding a favor in return for freeing Relhor.
16 thru 19 – Thaljun continues to enchant wand. Elias notices a blue diamond on the top of Blofled Tower. The white dragon Kragkissdon attacks the tower.
20 – Kragkissdon flies us back to his lair and we battle the frost giants attempting to raid it. Kragkissdon dies.
21 – Party had to stay the night in ice cave. Teleported back to Blofeld.
22 – Returned to Kragkissdon’s lair encountered more frost giants. Spoke with frost giant Jarl and made agreement to settle our differences. We received a small portion of the dragon horde as part of this bargain.
23 thru 28 – Thaljun completed enchanting a wand of Scorching Rays.


1 thru 7 – Thaljun begins enchanting Black Dragon Hide Bracers.
8 thru 14 – Thaljun continues to enchant bracers.
15 thru 21 – Thaljun continues to enchant bracers.
23 thru 28 – Thaljun completes the Black Dragon Hide bracers.


1 thru 7 – Party teleported to Glantri City, payed personal taxes and renewed licenses. Zakaya watches over the dragon eggs for Branse McAllister, eggs hatch several of the wyrmlings perish to the 2 surviving wyrmlings. Thaljun searched the archives for information on Malfera’s eyes and Nightcrawler stingers.
8 thru 12 – Thaljun works to pinpoint the destination of Professor Scale’s Portal.
13 – Portal destination located, visited constables office to gather information. Examined stone foot.
14 – Teleported to Karthic’s estate, fought basilisk Tritamisg and PSCC, Professor Scale escapes.
15 – Thaljun had a lunch appointment with the Grand Master of the GSM.
16 thru 22 – Dracologist conference.
23 thru 24 – Thaljun travels into the underdark in search of answers.
25 – Arcanium – day I
26 – Arcanium – day II
27 – Arcanium – day III, teleported to Alphatia.
28 – Began flying Entl’s castle towards Blofeld.


1 – Summer Solstice – Thaljun, Elias, Slahadin teleported back to Blofeld, handled business in GC.
2 – Thaljun teleported to Aalban, and Caurenze, back to Blofeld. Hired an architect Improvement projects begin in Blofeld.
3 thru 7 – gathered food and water stores for castle voyage, teleported to castle evening of 7th.
8 thru 20 – Thaljun researched Mirage Arcana spell, castle still flying towards Blofeld. Thendain Thelmore arrives asks us to return with the castle, we refuse.
21 – Attack of the Heldannic warbirds, picked up survivors.
22 thru 28 – Castle continues on its journey to Blofeld


1 thru 28 – Castle continues on its journey to Blofeld.


1 thru 20 – Castle continues on its journey to Blofeld.
21 – Castle lands in Ethengar at the bend of the Dul-Anur river.
22 thru 28 – Arranged supply route from Estoniarsk to castle location.


1 – Fall Equinox – Thaljun travels to Blofeld
2 thru 15 – Thaljun surveys Blofeld and constructs a leather based dirigible. Salhadin goes to buy horses.
16 – Supply caravan was attacked by Ethengar a few miles from the keep.
17 – Searched for and found Gostai goblins.
18 thru 22 – Salhadin led heldannic troops to goblins. One nighttime battle fought and won.
23 thru 28 – Salhadin led heldannic troops and two tribes of goblins back to our side of the Dul-Anur River. One nighttime battle fought and won.

1 thru 14 – Ceremony to complete marble golem.
15 – Party explored the castles dungeon.
16 – Thaljun begins building goblin fortifications, massive horse herd seen south of river.
17 – Thaljun continues fortifications, large herd of sheep and goats seen.
18 – Thaljun continues fortifications, nighttime raid with Elias and Gostai goblins.
19 thru 22 – Thaljun continues fortifications.
23 – Thaljun continues fortifications, Moglur arrives makes demands and is captured.
24 – Thaljun continues fortifications, Elias and Heldannics attack Yugati blockade and reopen trade route.
27 – Supply wagons show up from Estoniarsk, Quill returns with 6 horses.
28 – Visited by mysterious Ethengar disguised as an Elephant.

1 thru 12 – Construct magical curtain walls, hired and trained troops.
13 – Nighttime assassin attack at Castle Titus.
14 thru 28 – Construct magical curtain walls, hired and trained troops.

1 thru 28 – Construct magical curtain walls, hired and trained troops.

1 thru 14 – Constructed magical curtain walls, hired and trained troops.
15 – Special session of Parliament.
16 thru 18 – Henchmen traveled to Nyra, raided Sall Beltario’s tower and rescued Hans Tueli’s grandfather from FAERY.
19 – Yugati Ethengar attacked our castle in force.
20 thru 28 – recovored from the aftermath of the battle.

1 – Trudesco caravan arrives, Ang negotiates new border between us and the Taijits.
2 – Caravan departs. Thaljun travels to GSM. Heldannic Knights leave for home.
3 thru 10 – Travel to Specularum to reclaim Salhadin’s legacy.
11 thru 19 – Traveled to Tel Akbir following Salhadin’s legacy.
20 – Found the hidden box in basement of the Gordos Estate. Salhadin began his journey.
21 thru 28 – Salhadin sailed us towards an unknown destination

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