The Titus Estate is located in the run down west end of Glantri City against the southern wall of the city. Newly renovated to house Thaljun and his companions, it boasts the following amenities:

  • Purchase Price: 80 crowns
  • Cost of Repairs and Upgrades: 88 crowns
  • Yearly Taxes: 84 ducats – Paid for AC 1000


  • Fire elemental heating system installed. (10 crowns)
  • Water system gated to the elemental plane of water installed. (36 crowns)
  • Estate is illuminated via command operated continual light orbs in each room.
  • Private gondola landing.
  • New bronze tiled roof. (10 crowns)
  • Newly refurbished, painted and stabilized to no longer sink or flood. (32 crowns)


  • The basement houses and alchemy/arcane lab in the main room with a storage room in the SE portion and a reinforced vault with a solid metal door that has a master lock and in also arcane locked in the SW portion. All doors on this level are arcane locked.

Main Floor:

  • The main floor boasts a plushly decorated living room with expensive furniture of various types and heavy expensive drapes. There is a side cabinet that is stocked with wine and fine cigars for guests of the estate. There is also a dinning / meeting room with an attached kitchen and pantry. The front door windows and the door to the north stair well are arcane locked.

Second Floor:

  • The second floor has 3 furnished guest bedrooms, a guest lounge/study, and a guest bathroom containing a heated tub and a private privy. All windows, bedroom doors and the lounge/study door are arcane locked.

Third Floor:

  • The third floor has 2 furnished bedrooms, a furnished master bedroom, master bedroom closet, and a master bathroom with heated tub and private privy. Access to the attic is via a hidden trapdoor located in the master bedroom and is hidden by an illusionary wall spell. All windows, doors including the trapdoor are arcane locked on this level.

Attic: Thaljun’s Private Sanctum

  • The attic is a triangle shaped room that is 25’x25’x25’. There is a trapdoor to the floor below located in the SE corner of the room. The trapdoor is arcane locked and has an illusionary wall cast upon it to blend in with the ceiling.
  • Shelves/Book shelves line the three walls of this room (west, east and south) with a large wooden chest set in the SW corner and a large plant pot set in the N corner of the room. There is a large desk in the center of the room with a comfortable chair. A 6 inch glowing orb is set at the apex of the ceiling and sheds continuous light in the room on command.
  • The plant pot contains a thriving frostliter plant that is being coaxed to grow up the sides of the bookcases and walls. Its flowers and seeds glow with a slight luminescence.
  • Thaljun’s Manikin (3hp) is tied to the Estate in this room. It maintains the frostliter plant harvesting its seeds as needed and keeps an eye on the estate while its master in gone.


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