A tall skinny elf, Camarau is usually garbed in a brown cloak with faint leaf patterns in green. His tunic is of a forest green, it is light but of good make. He caries a sickle and longbow as his unconcealed weapons, but there is a light in his eyes that


Lvl 3 Druid

HP 23
AC 16

Str 11
Int 14
Wis 16
Dex 17
Con 12
Cha 10

Ref 4
Fort 4
Will 6

Primary weapon, Longbow


Glorfindel Calperion
Nickname (Camarauka, elvish I pulled offline for “swift hand”) in common, he lets people call him, Camarau.

He is a tall skinny Callarii Elf from a small tribe in the forest. He is now 127, but is single and was living on his own. In his youth he took on training as a druid as his parents wished. Though he was restless for an Elf he found he had amazing patience during his training. In the village he had a reputation for acting before he thought (compared to elves). He did spend much time in thought, but when he saw things had to be done he wanted action. This is what earned him the nickname of Quick hand among the elves. Despite his haste, he found that when he was close with the earth and nature through his meditation and training he could calm himself and be quite at piece.
His work around the village consisted of unskilled labor for much of his time. The job he loved and trained for was a hunter. He had trained, as most elves, with the bow.He had the reverence for nature to slay it in a manner fit for ceremonies. If a beast or man, judged to be of evil heart, trespassed into their forest, he would be sent with other older villagers skilled in combat to deal with them appropriately.


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