Helga Rorik


Helga: Standing at 5’10” and 180lbs, Helga is large for a woman. She has brown eyes that people say darken to a grey when she flies into a rage. She has a head of unkempt red hair usually tied up, or braided to keep it out of the way. She wears northern style scale armor, and has a large round shield painted blue with a golden ram. She has a bit of a charm about her if you can get past her generally sour disposition.
Helga is proud and tries to live her life with honor. She does not like to be looked down upon, especially by wizards who are smaller than she is.


Helga and Thoridin
We are twins.
We are a pair of Boldavians who had done trade from Mariksen to the Sodenfjord Jarldoms. In traversing those dangerous mountains we learned to fight in the style of the men of the Northern Reaches. We are mundainers, but should not be thought of as common as we can hold our own in a fight as well as any wizard.
Recently we have ventured south towards Glantri and Glenargyll in search of a wanted wizard and his band. A wizard going by the name of Razputin and his band of four wronged us and our peoples. We found evidence that he had once been living in Glenargyll. We are to see him brought to justice.

Helga Rorik

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