The Nobility of Glantri:


AALBAN: (House Ritterburg) (FRIENDLY)
Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels – Warden of the Marches

Princess Dona Carnelia de Belcadiz

  • She taught our class on history.
  • House Alhambra is an Elven house.

BERGDHOVEN: (House Linden)
Prince Vanserie Vlaardoen XI – Treasure of the Council

BOLDAVIA: (House Igorov)
Prince Morphail Gorevitch Voszlany -The Vampire Prince

  • He taught our class on Geography.
  • House Igorov are immigrates from Traldar.

BLACKHILL: (Hosue Silverston)
Prince Volospin Aendyr – Chancellor of the Princes

CAURENZE: (House Sirecchia)
Prince Innocenti di Malapietra

EREWAN: (House Ellerovyn) (ALLY)
Princess Carlorina Erewan – Chamberlain of the Land

  • House Ellerovyn is an Elven House.

Prince Brannart McGregor – The Lich Prince

  • Prince McGregor is a powerful Lich who hides his true form from the rest of Glantri. We raided his tower and discovered his dark secret. Since then he has sought to destroy us indirectly using schemes. He is responsible for unleashing the Beast of Flaem and Ice on Blofeld, for sending captured clerics to Blofeld, and harassing us any way he can. However, his schemes were undone when he showed up at the Blofeld tournament and Thaljun revealed his true form to the crowd. He was destroyed by Sir Bruce, his brother in law, a powerful cleric who has kept his clerical powers hidden while living in Glantri until now.

KRONDAHAR: (House Singhabad) (FRIENDLY)
Prince Jherek Virayana IV – Supreme Judge of the Council

NEW AVEROIGNE: (House Sylaire) (ALLY)
Prince Etienne de Amberville – Grand Master of the Great School of Magic

  • House Sylaire has accepted Thaljun Titus as one of its nobles.


Lord Eachainn McDougall – Marquis of Dunvegan (DECEASED)

  • A tall lanky and hale wearing a deep blue cloak and robe with a kilt.
  • His crest was the tower of Dunvegan under a moon.
  • He is a loyal servant of House Crownguard.
  • He and his men arrested the mundanes in our party for tomb raiding his ancestrial tombs.
  • Thaljun challenged him to a wizards duel which resulted in his death.

Herr Rolf Graustein – Viscount of Blofeld (old), Marquis of Dunvegan (new) (FRIENDLY)

  • Was raised to the rank of Marquis of Dunvegan by the Wizards Council upon the death of Marquis McDougall.
  • He is a close friend of Prince Jagger von Drachenfels


Lord Urmahid Krinagar – Count of Skullhorn Pass (FRIENDLY)

  • A man of Ethengarian decent with mustachios in the fu-man-chu style.
  • Wore a protective robe, wand at his belt and a pointed runed hat.
  • Asked us to recover a family tapestry from Lord Sidh Krinagar’s tower. We were succesful.

Dame Genevieve de Sephora – Countess of Touraine (FRIENDLY)

  • She is a personal friend of the Head Master of the Great School of Magic (Prince Etienne)
  • She seeks to hunt down and destroy the white werewolf
  • She is very beautiful with thick curly chestnut hair bound with a silver filigree.

Lord Emeth Urbaal – Count of Wylon (FRIENDLY)

  • A hulk of a man, with a thick blue and silver beard, wearing dark and light blue robes, and carrying a staff.
  • He developed a unique spell that heats air allowing for the creation of hot air balloons or other dirigible type flying vessels. He traded this spell to me for my Freezing Shards spell.
  • He has his own airship suspended from a cloud pulled by two giant rocs.


Sire Ezechiel Naramis – Viscount of Nathrat (FRIENDLY)

  • An extremely well dressed elf wearing a light black scale vest, black & white thin cloak with long hair
  • I met him near the Silver Tower Inn, in the nobles quarter of Glantri City.
  • Sold him a baby black dragon hide handle wand

Lady Arbana Jerbat – Viscountess of Redstone (SUSPECT)

  • Wears long blue robes, hair pulled back, has pale skin with blue veins in it. She is of true Alphatian decent. She is suspected of abducting student from the GSM to question them about the secrets of Glantri.
  • She may be a Alphatian spy or have some other nefarious deed in mind. She has shown an interest in Thaljun and has extended Thaljun an invitation to visit her in Redstone.


Sire Malachie du Marais – Baron de Morlay (ALLY)

  • Thaljun’s sponsor for the Great School of Magic
  • He is a large striking man because he is a true albino with reddish colored eyes.
  • He is thought to be the white haired werewolf
  • Allied to the House of Sylaire

Baroness Uigmuir – Baroness of Uigmuir (UNFRIENDLY)

  • Tends to vote along with the House of Crownguard and is a possibly ally of Crownguard
  • Rumored that Uigmuir was overrun by a large tribe of orcs from the Wendarian Mountains but was then reclamed and restored to the Baroness.


Sir Sergei Torenescu – Lord Ambassador of Karameikos (FRIENDLYSUSPICIOUS)

  • Fat, oily, greasy haired, with a scar on the left side of his face eye area.
  • Threw a party for Thaljun when he graduated from the Great School of Magic.
  • Is suspected to be involved with Professor Scale and the Peoples Spell Casting Company (PSCC)

Sire Galladin – Lord Ambassador of Alfheim (FRIENDLY)

Lady Scrutina Diaura – Lady Ambassador of Darokin (FRIENDLY)

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