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4 ~ The Eye of Traldar’s Return

   The party along with Alexei Schelepin and Isabella, servants of the seer, return the Eye of Traldar to the seer at her protected tower by the Lake of Lost Dreams in eastern Karameikos.

What follows is a summary of what transpired on the journey from Specularum to the seer:

  • After an evening of listening to an elven duet performed by Yolanda of Luln, the party left in the middle of the night on horseback.
  • Yolanda was a refugee from the Black Eagle barony and is a supporter of Luln and its defense.
  • The party took the road to Kelvin and then a barge to Misha’s ferry. The barge captain was paid 300 in gold to sail upriver for a few days instead of returning to Kelvin right away.
  • The forest settlement of Sukiskyn, a home of horse ranchers, was visited along the way to the lake.
  • Before the party could leave the forest, they were ambushed by heavily equipped Iron Ring bandits.
  • Onagisthyriad fled ahead of the party with one of the Ring Gates to ensure the Eye would not be captured should the party fall.
  • The bandits were routed, the seer reached, and the Eye was successfully returned.
  • The seer believes the Eye now has the power to lead adventurers to the lost armaments of Halav.

    In the name of Chardastes, this is so.


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