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May 4, 2013

…The 15th of Eirmont, a special session of parliament has been called and I have been summoned to attend. We each bring one of our retainers and travel to Glantri City. The great Hall of History is in an uproar as we arrive at parliament. As Edin Bax, my spokesman, guided us to our seats I noticed Rayd Varion is in attendance. A pang of regret struck me as I considered all the challenges and setbacks Rayd had suffered, partially at the hands of me and my companions. The more I learned of him I knew him to be a shrewd and capable wizard. Just the type of noble Glantri needed in these times of uncertainty. My reflections on Rayd ceased abruptly as I witnessed three Ethengar entering the Hall of History under heavy constable guard. It seems our escapades into Ethengar had not gone unnoticed. This session was about to get interesting. We would now see if Glantri would support our cause or condemn our actions.

Warga the Ethengar emissary stated the Ethengar outrage at an unprovoked invasion of the Yugati clan by Field Commander Elias and his murderous men. Elias stood before parliament boldly responding to the accusations. This caused the Ethengar to become more outraged as parliament quickly showed their support of Elias’s statements and actions. The heated exchange resulted in all three Ethengar emissaries being hauled off in disgrace by the constables. It seems parliament, though not ready to give its full support, had no issue with our actions in Ethengar.

After the rousting Parliament session Luigi took us to dine at a new restaurant named the Sky Far Tower. This restaurant takes exclusive to a new level as flying is the only way to get there. The building itself was quite an architectural feat sporting a black marble landing and walls with gold and gem trim. Even the floating legless tables were black marble with gold trim. The walls of the main dining area were constructed of clear stone allowing 360 degree visibility of Glantri City. The ambiance was incredible and the food superb. However, I quickly realized the Sky Far Tower was far more than just an upscale restaurant. It also served as an informal place for the wealthy and powerful, or their representatives, to meet and conduct business outside of the halls of parliament. Our time spent there was quite eventful:

  • Rumor: A Ylaruam thief was arrested for selling stolen Ylaruam religious artifacts. All the artifacts were recovered except the scabbard of Al-Kalim. Probably the very scabbard Salhadin purchased from a vagabond Ylaruam, the thief, for only a single gold coin.
  • Trudesco – Luigi introduced us to Trudesco a wealthy merchant from Darokin. He had a strong Darokin accent and was dressed in fine clothes including an elaborate necklace with a jeweled amulet. He was interested in meeting us to establishing a business relationship. He gave us his card promising to contact us in the future.
  • Secretary of the Supreme Judge – Introduced himself only by title and joined us at our table. He was Krondaharan and wore the robes of a magistrate with the various insignias of his office embroidered on them. Under the authority of the Supreme Judge he asked us to travel to Nyra and investigate Hans Tueli. Hans is a major arms dealer who imports and sells large quantities of arms. Recently he received a large shipment of illegal arms the Secretary suspected was for the Order of the Claymore. He asked us to find out what was going on and put a stop to any illegal arms deals. If successful we would be rewarded by the Supreme Judges office for our efforts.
  • Alais – Alais, spokesman for Princess Erewan also joined our party while we ate. He was elven with a spokesman’s gem embedded in his forehead. He wore flowing green robes, a cape with jagged line patterns, a longsword, and a vest of silver scales. He told us Princess Erewan sought a favor. She wanted us to secretly acquire a longsword relic with a very valuable emerald from Alfheim embedded in its hilt and return it to the Erewan clan. Alais related the following story to us:

Charan Erewan was the first prince of the Erewan clan. He was also the first Grandmaster of the Great School of Magic. Charan was devoted to his research and during his time as Grandmaster gained a great deal of fame and recognition. However, 30 years after becoming Grandmaster he disappeared without a trace. Princess Erewan was married to Charan’s son who died on a hunting raid into the Broken Lands. The longsword relic was a gift from Charan to Don Miguel Belcadiz the first prince of the Belcadiz clan. The longsword passed from Don Miguel to his daughter Conchera to her son Sall Beltorio. Sall died 20 years ago in a mysterious fire. It is said he had angered an old witch which ultimately lead to his untimely demise. At his death his tower was sealed and Sall’s body was entombed in a mausoleum built on the side of the tower. He was the last of the Beltorio’s thus the longsword was entombed with his body. The tower is located due east of New Alvar overlooking the Orgas Vineyard.

Not wanting to turn down an assignment from the Supreme Judge and being honor bound to fulfill a favor for Princes Erewan I accepted both tasks. With war looming on the plains we entrusted these tasks to Hakim and the henchman who made the trip to GC with us, Zakaya, Qvor, and Kurt. As the tasks would take them to Nyra, a town of arms dealers, Hakim planned to purchase additional weapons for our men while I returned to Castle Titus with Elias and Salhadin to finish preparations for the pending attack.

From the Journal of Zakaya Naramis, Apprentice to Viscount Titus:

Hakim, Kvor, Kurt and I traveled to Nyra in search of Hans Tueli. I disguised my appearance during our trip to not attract the attention of the cursed Belcadiz elves. If we raid a tower in Belcadiz lands it would be wise not to be recognized as an Erewan elf. Although Hakim proved to be a capable leader, I did question the usefulness of brutish Kvor and unprincipled Kurt.

In typical human fashion once we found the estate of Hans Tueli we barged right in demanding and shouting. That he had illegal weapons was obvious. That he was not going to tell us anything was also obvious. But still they tried. Finally elven wisdom won out and we did something more productive. We waited in hiding until the secret arms buyers came to collect their prize. I suggested we stealthily follow the wagons in, but in true human fashion we barged in once again and assumed the role of workers to help load the wagons. Amazingly, this still produced results. The buyers turned out to be Belcadiz elves members of their Free Armed Elven Resistance Youth (FAERY) movement. The group in direct opposition to the Erewen clan’s fringe Elven Liberation Front (ELF). Though I am not a member of ELF it would be nice to take the Belcadiz down a notch by exposing them to the Supreme Judge. After the Belcadiz left Hakim confronted Hans and we finally got the truth from him. The FAERY’s had kidnapped his grandfather and were holding him hostage forcing Hans to sell them arms. We agreed to rescue his grandfather in exchange for a deal on arms we needed.

We followed the wagon tracks until they disappeared under fresh snowfall. They were headed towards New Alvar so Hakim decided we would go there and continue the search. We spent the night at Oberon’s Inn in New Alvar. It was a typical Belcadiz establishment with far more flash than substance. I kept my disguise up and kept quiet as my Erewan accent might give me away. Which was fine as I had no interest in talking to the arrogant hotheaded Belcadiz anyway.

The next morning Hakim chose to press on to the tower to retrieve the relic first. On our way out of town I noticed several large crates outside a sheep shearing warehouse. They bore the symbol of Hans Tueli a black boar under 3 balls on a shield. It seemed we had found the FAERY’s hideout. Hakim decided to continue to the tower in hopes of returning to the warehouse at night. For once the humans did not do something rash.

The trip to Sall Beltorio’s tower was uneventful. The tower was of the standard Belcadiz design but had a red marble dome structure, the mausoleum, attached to one side of it. The doors were sealed with magic so we gained access through an upper window. The door to the mausoleum was also sealed with magic so Hakim directed us to search the lower levels. That was when we discovered the tower’s lower levels were infested with foul orcs. We slaughtered them until a few surrendered and took us to their leaders. Two huge twin orcs lead this clan of orc rabble. Wanting to truly demoralize them Hakim stepped up and challenged both leaders. Hakim slew them both. I was ready to wipe the clan out but some dimmer witted party members allowed themselves to be tricked by the allure of treasure. Kvor even got shoved head first into their latrine. Silly humans. While the humans sought for the clans treasure the rest of the orcs organized under their shamans and prepared a counter attack. An orc sneak attack caused Kvor and Kurt to charge after a fleeing orc leading them right into an ambush. I am not sure I will ever understand the rashness of humans. I had to expend precious charges from the Gem of Brightness gifted to me by Master Titus, and my spells to save my party from their own follies.

With the lower level cleared of orcs we located a crack in the ceiling that lead up into the mausoleum. There we found the tomb of Sall Beltorio. Unfortunately we were not the first to find his tomb as the longsword and his right hand were both missing. A further search of his crypt revealed a secret panel in its base where four books were hidden. Three were leather bound journals written in belcadiz script by Sall and the fourth was one of Sall’s spellbooks. These I would return to Master Titus. I am sure he will be interested in their contents. For now it was time to descend even further into the old Flaemish research facility level where my locate object spell is telling me the sword is now located…△

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