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…to our campaign site. “Karameikos” covers the campaigns of both our Dungeon Masters in the world of Mystara circa 1002 AC. The low level campaign is actually in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, while the high level and twelve year plus campaign is now located in the Principalities of Glantri. As the DM and architect of the site, I am proud to say that the content you see here is mostly player created. I help set up the layout and make it pretty, but players add content from what they’ve experienced in game. They also write all the logs. Getting this kind of participation was not easy in the beginning, but it has developed into something special. For a DM with fading memory, this is the best treasure I could find.

Where is Everything?


The Wiki is a standard site index of the major page sections most valuable to the players. This aligns to the navigation bar to your left. The latest, and currently very vital, addition is in the People section: The People of Glantri which contains a section on each noble house as well as a section on their votes on both the Council and in Parliament. Since the party’s wizard Thaljun (scroll down on this page) is a Glantrian Count, this is a valuable reference on the political scene.

How Do Adventure Logs Work?


We don’t use the Session Logs (aka Adventure Logs) for the log of a particular game session. Instead, I create them as a placeholder for the Players’ Logs for that session. Initially, I’ll throw up a new Session Log when we have a date in mind for our next game. I’ll include teaser art, a bullet point or two on what’s coming, and a task to have done before we play (like convert to the new google doc v3.1 character sheet or create a new level one henchman). Then after the session, I’ll bullet point the major scenes that happened. When players write their log for that session, they add a link to it on the Session Log. Then when anyone wants to see what happened during a particular session, they see a list of each player’s log. Players who add a log earn a point of Karma (or more if it was really astounding), which brings us to…

How Do You Get Players to Create Content Themselves???


A while after we started using Obsidian Portal, my vision was the players keeping notes for me. I like to spend my free time writing, and I like to spend my play time DMing. To me that means not taking many notes. To get players to contribute, I came up with the Karma and Group Karma system. Players write logs, add content, contribute to the forum, and they earn points. These points can be spent during an adventure to tweak fate, and this pool of points will refresh after major interludes. Points can also be permanently burned to acquire enhancements like bonus skill ranks, feats, or even a level up! Beyond encouraging contribution, the addition of the Karma system rewards players who contribute with a better chance of survival. This has allowed us to focus on character and story development.

What Else?

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy.



How Our Site Works

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