Recent Rumors

  • The Sisters of the Unicorn feud with Salasyre’s Wiles of the World even sending a famous thug to his tower. Megrat was never heard from again.
  • A student attending the gambling house during Arcanium hasn’t been seen since.
  • Prince Innocenti’s wife, head of his city estate, has gone missing. His agents have been scouring the country for her.


  • A graduate visiting Akorros was challenged by a visiting Alphatian. Both were destroyed in the duel that followed.
  • There is talk that the Spokesman’s Guild harbors a mysterious secret.
  • Some in House Sylaire are on a power grab unsettling Klantyre, Sirechia, Linden, and now even Singhabad. Politics are really heating up.
  • The Tower of High Sonden was destroyed in a powerful explosion. The Countess has not been seen since. Agents of the House of Singhabad are said to be involved.
  • There have been increasing orc raids into Darokin from the Broken Lands.
  • A trade war between Ilici and Sorros houses was reported some months ago in Darokin.
  • The Five Shires complained to Darokin about the increased pirate and robber activity coming out of Karameikos.
  • A new brothel, the Wiles of the World, has opened in Glantri City. It is exotic and extremely expensive.
  • Orkish marauders recently raided north from the Broken Lands but were repelled.

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